mac mini alternative

  1. BB88

    NUC Build for Logic Pro x

    Hello All, I just recently purchased a newer laptop but with the old ram and SSD from my older upgraded laptop I’d like to build my first hackintosh! Components -750gb SSD -16gb ddr3l I’d like to replicate the slow Mac mini but do some basic editing for music production. I was looking at...
  2. epazotl

    Mac Mini Knockoff - Will this build work?

    So guys, my budget is between 600 and 650. Someone bought me a mini to replace my aging mini, and after finding out the RAM is soldered to the board on this model, I convinced them to let me take it back, and I'll build a hackintosh instead. I will never game on this machine, but I will watch...
  3. dreaminginsomniac

    NEW chromebook

    This will be awesome if we can install os x on this one any thoughts?? Samsung XE300M22-A02US NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE CELERON VERSION. THIS ONE HAS i5 sANDY BRIDGE PROCESSOR Specs...