mac framework

  1. zedle

    Gigabyte X79-UP4 Rev1.1 (F8) with Xeon E5-2680 V2 (10core) - need help

    So I've looked all around the forums and found nothing that actually gets me into the installer. Here is what I've done: Unibeast 10.9.2 done, patched mach_kernel for Haswell CPUs (this got me past the black screen hang) Following that, I now hang at: MAC Framework successfully initialized...
  2. model711

    can't boot, blank screen; APCIPlatform copy :(

    So I've been pretty dumb. I was trying to update to mountain lion. I followed the guide but I kept noticing that 'About This Mac' reported that I was still on 10.7 not 10.8.2! I googled this problem and got some blog (that I trusted for some reason). It told me that this happens and I needed to...