1. Cretster

    Tips for installing Sierra on Lenovo M93P tiny (i7)

    Hey all I haven't had my previous hackintosh working for a while, and also contended with a dead macbook recently so had the hell of only using windows while I got the GPU replaced on that. Anyway, picked up a bargain Lenovo M93P Thinkcenter Tiny with an i7 in it last week and it's an awesome...
  2. Fratink

    High Sierra on M93p

    Hello, I just got a desktop to play around with as a Hackintosh and I've managed to get El Capitain running on it. Since then I bought a GTX 1050 video card with the intention of installing High Sierra but I've been running into issues. I've been using the uni-beast tool and have been able to...
  3. striatedglutes

    [SUCCESS] Yosemite 10.10.0 on Lenovo m93p

    Hi Folks, First, thanks to all the people that make stuff like this possible. Here are my notes from this 10.10.0 build using Unibeast / Multibeast on a refurb Lenovo m93p "tiny" form factor. These are sweet little machines the same size as a mac mini, and you can get them as low as $400...