1. Analepse

    Error boot Sierra on Gigabyte H97N-wifi

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make my first hackintosh with OS X Sierra. I've unsuccesfully tried two installation methods, but I think the third is the good. When I'm booting in verbose mode on the usb drive (created with unibeast) the installation begins, and after a while the computer...
  2. zacharie798

    Black screen after Apple logo

    Hi! I'm trying to install Mac OS Sierra on my desktop but I have a problem. I can't enter in the installation program. I got a black screen after the Apple logo. I can access to clover and click on "Boot Mac OS X from OSX Sierra" and all the others options. Here is my detailed situation: I...
  3. ARTopia

    El Capitan Install Finished, boot loop after choosing language etc.

    Hey guys! Having searched the forums and google I still haven't found any answers, so I was hoping to see if anyone here has any knowledge with this issue. Setting up our first mackintosh on an intel based system. Followed the guide here at tonymacx86 and everything has gone perfectly fine up...
  4. lifez

    Got "+++++..." Character and boot loop post-install

    My build is Intel i5 6500 MSI H170 Gaming M3 Nvidia Palit gtx 650 ti boost 2gb I can't install it correctly but i got this after install I can't boot into desktop i got this error (both via usb installer and system drive) What i already tried - boot with option -v -nv_disable=1 got the same...
  5. Tutorialoso

    [SOLVED] Sierra Pre-Installation Reboot Loop on Skylake 6600K

    SOLVED: recreated installation USB with new Unibeast rather than the old command method. Hi, my specs are on my profile. I initially tried El Capitan with the Unibeast method but the installer refused to boot the installer after selecting the OS in Clover, the Apple logo came up for about 15/20...
  6. jteeth

    [SOLVED] Forced Retart or Crash After a Couple Minutes

    I could use a hand figuring this out. I was able to update my Hackintosh to Sierra GM but when I launch it the mouse starts to get jerky after about a minute, and then after two minutes the system will just restart. Not sure how to tackle troubleshooting on this one. What info can help?
  7. nathan30400

    Laptop won't boot after Clover on HDD

    Hi ! I try to install El Capitan but I reach a problem with final phase, installing Clover to HDD. I pick the case mentionned in the RehabMan tutorial but when I want to boot from the partition, in verbose mode, I juste have "************************" appear on the screen, and nothing move...
  8. bukerjiang

    install OS X Success, after that reboot loop

    [solved]reboot loop. another problem hello everyone, thanks to see my problem I am already install El Capitan Succes, after that, I use MultiBeast - El Capitan 8.0.1 & installing kexts in 10.11 folder and I reboot my laptop ...... and it start reboot loop I don't know how to fix this problem...
  9. Cl3V3

    Time Machine on El Capitan

    So I've gotten nearly everything working after days trying to update from Yosemite to El Capitan on an older system. But now I've run into another problem. I don't have some of my previous files and applications. Once I booted in I set up my Hackintosh like it was new and then installed my...
  10. digisign

    Restart looping at Apple Logo

    Hello everyone, Since this very morning, my machine was working fine, even though I knew it had few problems: one of these was that after long sleeps couldn't wake up (stuck), so I just disabled the energy saving features in OS X. Occasionally, even if I didn't properly address the problem, and...
  11. peanutismint

    El Capitan on SSD won't boot (reboot loop), but Yosemite on HDD (same system) works fine...?

    I've had Yosemite working successfully on an old 160GB HDD in my machine for months. It's a Gigabyte Z77X-D3H motherboard with an Intel i5-3570K CPU and after one or two issues getting Yosemite installed it's been running pretty much flawlessly. I decided I'd like to run the Hackintosh build...
  12. fraggz99

    Unable to reach installer and verbose mode isnt useful at all

    Like title says, i can get to clover boot menu, I put in my boot flags, but then when i ttry booting the installer all i get is this: Using Safe Mode +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Then my pc restarts, i am using the boot flags npci=0x2000, nv_disable and -x -v
  13. JaiKai7

    Mavericks will only boot in safe mode

    Hey guys I just finished installing Mavericks onto my system but I have been slaving away trying different edits to the chameleon plist to try and get it to boot without safe mode to no avail. It just hangs at the apple logo with the loading circle forever if I don't use the safemode bootflag...
  14. SirDavid

    Yosemite Can't Boot After Clover Theme Change

    I've been working on my mackintosh for about a week now, and yesterday I finally got everything perfect. I was dual booting Windows 10 and Yosemite with Clover all in the UEFI boot menu. So today, I decided to change the theme of Clover. I started up Yosemite, opened up Clover Configurator...
  15. 27sharp

    Acer Aspire VN7-571G Yosemite & Clover UEFi Boot Problem

    Hello Community, I want to install Yosemite on my notebook and so I have followed this tut: http://www.tonymacx86.com/yosemite-desktop-guides/144426-how-install-os-x-yosemite-using-clover.html But I get this Error and the loader restarts: Thanks in advance :)
  16. what

    Suddenly stuck in windows loop? Keeps restarting [Clover]

    Hi I have had my hackintosh (Clover) for around 4 days now, and everything was working fine, until today. I now suddenly can't boot into windows, but OSX is fine. They're both installed UEFI, and windows was working for 3 days, but now it suddenly doesn't. Windows is on one SSD and osx is on...
  17. Giraffackle

    Mavericks Setup Loops on Apple ID Screen

    I've searched all over the place for an answer to this and all of the solutions were for Mountain Lion and didn't seem to work, so I decided to make my own post. I put together a Hackintosh with a Gigabyte Z77-D5H as I had it lying around and noticed that people had used it successfully. Install...
  18. Kenneett

    Stuck in reboot loop after installing Yosemite and nvidia

    Hello, I followed this instruction and it worked great! I installed nvidia drive and added this: <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>kext-dev-mode=1 nvda_drv=1 GraphicsEnabler=No</string> Instruction i followed...
  19. SuperSchek

    [Yosemite 10.10.3] Infinite login loop after combo update.

    Hey there, I'm fairly new to the comunity but last week in managed to get Yosemite 10.10.1 working on my machine (i5 4460, GTX 970). I tried to install the 10.10.3 combo update and this of course came with some errors. I managed to fix most errors. One error that's still not fixed is the...
  20. rfisaac2296

    Hackintosh on Yosemite Clover restart problem - cannot shut down

    Yosemite Clover Kernel Panic on shutdown HELP - cannot shutdown I've had this problem for as long as I can remember (I built the hackintosh last May). Every time I shut down (Apple > Shut Down), my machine shuts down and only sometimes shuts down successfully. All the other times, it does shut...