logo screen

  1. RandomNumber

    Clover Icons too big at boot screen & stetched logo (stage 1)

    Clover boot screen used to be properly sized (1080x1920). But since recreating Clover after my boot SSD died, I am stuck with this annoying giant icon boot screen and also the old stretched apple logo. The stretched logo changes to correct size on stage 2 of the boot process. This is minor but...
  2. AnthBacop

    Stuck on Apple Logo

    When it is time to boot into MacOS for the first time all I get is an Apple logo. (verbose doesn't work) There is no loading bar just an Apple logo... Help! Thanks!
  3. jaywill10

    Stuck on apple logo/prohibit sign. Please Help!!

    So I am trying to install MacOS High Sierra and when i go to the tool that says "install Macos High Sierra" a apple logo appears and then after about 1 minute it changes into a prohibited sign. See attached image. There is no progress bar and I am out of ideas yet again. I hope Someone can help!
  4. Nishanironman

    Stuck at boot logo during installation

    I own a HP pavilion 15 P029TX laptop. I tried to install sierra but it's stuck in the boot logo!!! I used the -v boot flag and I have attached the image below. Laptop specifications: Intel i3-4030u variant Intel 4400 graphics NVIDIA 830M graphics 4GB DDR3 RAM
  5. Ezzyme

    [SOLVED] Yosemite hangs halfway through Apple progress bar

    Not sure if I should have posted in graphics section becaus this just started after I installed a 780 TI graphics card. I installed the latest Nvidia drivers before I installed the card and restarted the computer fine. Pic of verbose below:
  6. loureads

    Yosemite stalls mid logo screen.

    So I got past the Boot0 error and now I have this issue. The OSX side won't load up unless I start in safe mode. If launch without -x it gets to the Apple logo screen and then the grey bar gets about 1/2 way then slows to a crawl and eventually stops progressing at all. I started with -v and...
  7. jsproule899

    Mavericks desktop install freezes at boot args

    hit enter and begins to run tries to enter Darwin and then hits a wall at Boot args: bootuuid system: i5 3570k 8gb corsair vengence as-rock extreme 4 z77 hd6950(unplugged for installation) hdd