login freeze

  1. miliuco

    [SOLVED] Lag and spinning wheel at login screen in 11.0.1

    In Big Sur 11.0.1, at the login screen, when I type the password and hit enter, the system hangs for a few seconds, the spinning wheel appears and then I go to the desktop. It happens to someone else? In Big Sur 11.1 beta this behavior has disappeared and, when entering the password in the login...
  2. D

    2 Problems after upgrading to Catalina

    Hey there, since I upgraded my system from Mojave to 10.15.3, I have 2 issues. I have to say, that I had those issues already with 10.15.1, which was the reason for me to downgrade it to Mojava earlier. Anyways: 1) After locking my screen (not going standby yet) and relogin to my account, I...
  3. Vikindap

    All Startup Apps not responding when internet is down during login

    I am facing this weird issue with my hackinthosh. After boot when I login for first time if my machine doesnot have an active internet connection, then the machine just behaves like it hung. The Startup apps take a lot of time to launch and also they are not responsive, force quitting is also...
  4. christianmagill

    << Solved >> Freezing immediately after login. No recent updates.

    I’ve been using High Sierra for quite some time. Today I had an issue where some apps were taking a while to respond. I had trouble shutting down so ultimately I used the restart button on my computer. Now my system freezes directly following login. I enter my password it acts like it’s...
  5. hackrachid

    Problem loop loading icon and not login

    Sorry for my English I have new problem after using 1year os Yosemite now problem not login in desktop And loop icon loading animation
  6. yveno76

    El Capitain 10.11.6 login screen Reboot loop - Clover

    Hey Guys, My Hackintosh Keeps Rebooting Every times it Gets to The Login Screen It Freezes After i Put My Login Info And Restarts Sometimes It just Works For Weeks with No Problem Safe Mode works Fine My Windows 10 Works Just Fine Please Help Thank You in Advance Hardware: Motherboard...
  7. z553993920

    Something wrong with specific user to login(10.13.4)

    Everything works fine for a long time until now. I can login user "b",which is newly created by root in safe mode(because I can't login my original account "a" all of a sudden).And everything works fine in the new account, but not in my "a",which appears to be stuck at spinning and no longer...
  8. a1337

    Hackintosh reboots randomly during or after login

    I haven't had an issue with my High Sierra setup up until lately. As of a few days ago, sometimes when I try to log in or even after I've logged into my profile, my system using Clover just restarts out of the blue without warning. It's usually right after I've successfully logged in and the...
  9. catita

    [Solved] Freeze at Login After Direct Update from Yosemite

    Hello, I followed the instructions for the Direct Update using Clover and installation seemed to work fine but when I enter my details on the El Capitan login screen and hit enter I'm greeted with an endless spinning beachball. Any ideas on how to fix? My Yosemite installation was working...