logic pro

  1. evelli

    Advice on this potential build for Logic Pro and streaming?

    So I've been doing some research, reading forums and guides, but I'm new to this and want to make sure I'm not missing anything. I'm trying to build something that can run Logic Pro 10.6 (Catalina) with over 100 tracks easily, while streaming live. Here is the build I've spec'd out...
  2. Jayant723

    I need to run logic pro x in these specs.

    I have newly Gigabyte H410M motherboard, i5 10400F processor, 4Gb Nivida graphics (Gt 710), 8GB DDR4 , 240 GB SSD. Is it good to run Logic Pro X ?
  3. saltymalty

    No Inputs In Logic Pro X

    Just got my machine up and running and it is screaming fast, have had no real major issues thanks to this community! The one thing I am running into right now is that I can not get any input into logic. I've tried a variety of devices, including VB cables, and nothing. I get input signal in my...
  4. slushypup

    Multimedia Triple boot Workstation - Adobe, Cinema 4D, Cubase

    Hey all, long time lurker. Am looking into building a triple boot(Win/OsX/Linux) machine. It will be mostly used for 3D graphics/CGI(Cinema 4D and rendering with Octane(PC), Redshift and Arnold. I may also look into other renderers so it should be compatible with both CPU/GPU platforms. I don't...
  5. MusicGuy92

    i9-9900K iHack Pro build for Logic Pro X

    Hi! First time builder here! I have been scanning through the forums (reddit and tonymacx86) to piece together a proper build for music production, adobe tools and general game development. Im willing to have a large(ish) budget for this build as its going to be my main workstation. What...
  6. ThinkThinkAbout

    Updating Logic Pro 10.4.2 on Sierra

    I can't get an update from the app store for Logic Pro 10.4.2. It states requirements are only 10.12 and I'm on 10.12.6. Anyone else having this issue or seen the solution. Thanks for your time.
  7. Evang1ja

    Heavy Music Production Build From Scratch (Logic/Ableton DAWS and Serum)

    Hello all, First time poster. I have searched the forum and seen this somewhat touched on but not really to my situation: Trying to build a Hackintosh laptop. I currently have a late 2017 iMac 27 inch so I have the ability to build at a good pace while being able to use my DAWS and not worry...
  8. eryksd

    Running Logic X on Dell XPS 15?

    I have a Dell XPS 15 that I wanted to make into a hackintosh so I can run Logic Pro X. Any complications that might come up, before I do so? Will be using an audio interface and things like that, wondering if there might just be too many complications, and maybe saving up for a MacBook Pro...
  9. AJ-Afterparty

    Logic Pro X (Heavy duty music production build)

    Hi guys! im a total no0b at hackintosh, but have been peeking around forums and videos and think I have built up enough courage to dive into hack land. Looking to build a beast computer to run many many native plugins, virtual synths like serum, and NI massive and hoards of kontakt sampled...
  10. Thekenji0909

    Super Budget Logic Pro Hackintosh

    I am new to building hackintoshes, but not new to Mac OS, though I have built a computer in the past. This is my first time building a hackintosh but I don't want to spend crazy lots of money. My requirements is to atleast run Logic Pro 9(I still have a copy of it) to a relatively modern macOS...
  11. ckrules45

    Buying Recommendations for a first-timer

    Hi everyone, So I'm new not only to the forum, but to building computers. Let me give you a brief background as to why I've chosen the Hackintosh route. Throughout my early years until I started high school I was always a windows guy. But then in high school I needed to use Logic Pro for my...
  12. strtchlk

    First Time Hackintosher (Audio Recording)

    Hello all, This is my first time trying to build a hackintosh. I will be using my hackintosh for audio recording and production with a Scarlett 2i2. Will Logic run smoothly on a hackintosh? Will I need to worry about drivers and other compatibility issues? Should I just buy a Mac Mini and...
  13. VirtualRecess

    Logic Pro and FCP both have sluggish GUI's

    Hi guys, I've been dealing with a very sluggish GUI in Logic Pro and also Final Cut Pro. Both programs start off fine visually but once a project starts to develop the GUIs performance begins to degrade. It doesn't matter how cpu intensive the project is it usually gets worse with time. I'm...
  14. VirtualRecess

    Is there a way to check if a gpu is running correct on OS X ?

    I ask as I've had a discussion about logic pros GUI performance with someone using a Mac mini. What I originally thought was a Logic Pro problem now looks that it could be somthing to do with my setup. I posted a video on a Logic Pro subreddit showing the lagging gui I have been experiancing...
  15. KV4LQ

    Pascal GPU with MacOS Sierra

    I'm running an i7-4790K on a GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-SLI rev. (1.2) motherboard, and I plan to add a GTX 1070 to my build soon. Will I be able to run Sierra on this setup with the GTX 1070? I have built Hackintoshes before and one thing I've noticed is that iCloud services *never* work. Has that...
  16. Kdang521

    Running Logic Pro X and Ableton Live Suite 9 on 10.12 Mac OS (new to this forum)

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, and was seeking some advice on whether I should install 10.11 or 10.12 on my build. Has anyone used Logic Pro X and Ableton 9 Suite on 10.12, and if so how smooth does the applications run and were there any issues? My Build: Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H...
  17. trevor1030

    Issue with finding motherboard with thunderbolt port for UAD Apollo Twin Duo

    I have been searching for months for a Motherboard with thunderbolt port built in for my UAD Apollo twin. I have had no luck or private sellers are selling them for around 1k-2k. Does anyone know where to source one of these motherboards? It would be strictly production PC but running around...
  18. MrFSXguyHD

    Dual Screens El Capitan

    Hi there, I have had a hackintosh for over 6 months, and love using it for music production/Logic Pro. I currently have two screens and was wondering how I could get them to connect and work together in mac. Every time I try to connect I get to the Clover bootloader, choose El Capitan, it...
  19. iitpawankumar

    i have acer aspire v5-571 33214g50makk will any version of hackintosh work on my laptop please need

    here are the specifictions of my acer aspire v5-571 33214g50makk 1.processor details Number of cores 2 (max 8) Number of threads 4 (max 16) Name Intel Core i3 3217U Codename Ivy Bridge Specification Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz Package (platform ID) Socket 1023 FCBGA...
  20. PryingOpenMyThirdEye

    WWY Build for a Logic Pro X Hack for under $1K ?

    Been out of the PC building game since 2003 and needless to say, a lot has changed. I'm wanting to build a hack that will run Logic Pro X smoothly while keeping the odds of issues low. I'm trying to build on a budget of $1k. I mostly need advice on a great MB, but would like to see what you...