logic pro 9

  1. teekaydnewborn

    Can someone help me out please

    Hi all, I had a system working great over the years but the mobo is gone nuts randomly shutting down cos i had a situation with the electricity not too long ago My System: Ga z68x ud3h b3 icore 7 2600k radeon 5570 gskill 16mb osx 10.6.8 I want to build something new however i have lots of...
  2. Winkler96

    Building a Hackintosh G5 for Music Production

    Hi Guys,As you can read in the Title, i'm going to build a Hackintosh for Music Production.:DAs of now i have only bought the G5 Case so this is just the beginning of the Journey.Ok now to the Question.I am using Logic Pro 9 and PT10 on my macbook pro.Here i have a List of the parts i would buy...
  3. putemind

    GA EX58 UD5 optimized bios settings

    Hi Guys, anyone have the optimized (for pro audio production) BIOS settings for my GA-EX58 UD5 I need it because i notice a strange behaviour on my build , when i work with logic pro 9 sometimes i notice some slow performance and the processor monitor shows full scale . My configuration is...