loading bar

  1. wahlaoehh

    Stuck at Apple loading screen

    I can’t seem to get past the loading screen when trying to install my Hackintosh. Did abit of research, and some same to run in Verbose mode and upload the screenshot. Can anyone please help?
  2. rsierras85

    Problems loading 100% when preparing the installation

    Hello, Im New in this forum. I've followed instructions from similar PC set ups. However the result is not the best one. Im Mac since long time, but this time I prefer to use Hackintosh. The loading bar reach the 100% but nothing from there. The computer gets freeze. I also attach the debug...
  3. ByKiwito

    Stopped loading bar while installing Mojave.

    Hello! I have entered Hackintosh world few weeks ago. Now during the installation, I select the EFI device, and I select "Boot to install Mojave". It start but the loading bar still without moving of the starting. I have done everything that it's says on the guide to install Mojave on an ASRock...
  4. QuantumFluctuator

    HP Z600 High Sierra Booting Inconsistently

    Hello all! I have recently installed 10.13.6 on my HP Z600 workstation. I fixed the USB, patched the graphics for my R9 270 and didn't manage to properly fix the sound, but instead used HDMI audio to avoid this problem. The main issue now, however, is that roughly half of the times I boot into...
  5. yoshy

    black screen or apple with bar loading forever on startup

    HI appreciate any help was trying to finally get my hack ready for update os. have been using usb stick to boot it for about 1 year since a blackout that i couldn't get the HD to boot by itself. I tried to get the multicast to reinstall chime so it would boot from HD using multibeast. This was...
  6. infopz

    [Solved] High Sierra Freeze after reboot

    Hi, i'm t trying to install/upgrade my hackintosh. I had an hackintosh with macOS Sierra, yesterday i tried to upgrade my system to High Sierra following the guide, but after the first reboot the progress line stucked to a 10%, after some hours i tried to press some keys in the keyboard and the...
  7. hockeycrush

    Dual boot Win 10 & Sierra - Sierra suddenly hangs at loading screen

    Hi all, I recently UEFI installed Win 10 on my Hackintosh desktop on a separate drive to my Sierra install following this guide: https://pastebin.com/DxEufkVp I could boot into both OS's from my mobo boot menu by pressing F8 at startup. It was all working great for a few days, but then suddenly...
  8. morbidown

    Apple logo freeze

    Hello, guys, i have a problem. My hackintosh has the boot problem caught. The version of mac is High Sierra 10.13.3 This error happens soon after the clover's boot. *I had a hackintosh on the sierraf version on the same hardware and had no problems with the installation* Can someone help...
  9. lazypeach

    loading bar + black screen (sierra 10.12.6 - Nvidia Drivers)

    hi all, I already followed a bunch of tutorials I found online to install correctly the Nvidia drivers: - Nvidiaweb (in config.plist) - nvda_drv=1 enabling - nv_disable=1 disabling - Lilu.kext + The other kext I even tried AGDPfix with an SMBIOS on iMac17,1 as well as on iMac18,3 I'm running...
  10. RobbyBoy100

    ASUS A550VX High sierra installation problem

    Hello guys I'm new in the hackintosh thing Every time when i boot my laptop i get a apple logo and a loading bar. But if the loading half way i get a error logo and it does nothing anymore My boot args are: dart=0 nv_disable=1 I use clover my specs are: Intel i5 7300HQ 8GB DDR4 Ram GTX 950M...
  11. Barrylight

    Sierra Crashes at 3/4 loading bar! (always worked well..)

    Hello, big problem here My hack always worked well, today I tried to trash videos from this stupid Popcorn app. Empty trash didn't worked, so I tried force trash, then my mouse began to flicker when i move it. So I shut down, and now impossible to get back in, crashes at 3/4 loading bar...
  12. Giammario

    [Solved] The loading bar stops at 75%. Help me please

    Help me I just did a hackintosh with OSX Sierra on my PC PC Features Processor: i7 6700 Motherboard: Bazooka B 150 m GPU: HD Graphics 530 Help when I access the Boot menu and select OSX Sierra starts loading and stops when the bar at 75% and to start hackintosh I have to hold the power button...
  13. noahsheridan

    Sierra 10.12.6 hangs on Splash Screen [Requesting Help!]

    Good evening, After just over a year of perfectly-function MacOS (or Mac OS X as it was when I started), my hackintosh bricked itself updating from Sierra 10.12.4 to 10.12.5 (I will get to 10.12.6 later). I updated using the built-in update software downloaded from the Mac App Store and my...
  14. arycletor


    Please, help me, I'm trying to do a hackintosh with a i5-7400, but when I open the installation menu (sierra), the screen stop at the apple screen and not show the loading bar. I don't know what this can be. So I guess this has something with my processor. Can somebody help me on this? (I'm...
  15. Marcelopedro

    [Solved] Freeze logo Apple in instalation

    Hi, I think I have a really basic problem... After desible Unibest in the new computer, when it stars running (Apple Logo) the loading bar it never starts. What can I do? Z170X-Designare i7 6700K GTX 1050Ti Wind OC
  16. Cedric01

    Stucks on Apple Logo and loading bar

    Hey guys, i followed the steps from the installation Guide, but it stucks at the apple logo and the loading bar, after i chose "boot OS X from USB". I'm new and looking forward 4 some help, or just say me what you need to help me :D Thanks! Hardware: Mainboard: MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon...
  17. Good-Info

    FoxConn g45m-s + EVGA GeForce GTX 750 ti = Stuck at apple logo and loading bar

    Hello, This is my first Hackintosh build which simply seemed to work (except for the lame video): OS: macOS Sierra Motherboard: Foxconn G45M-s CPU: Intel Xeon L5420 (modified socket to fit in this mortherboard) RAM: 3GB (more on the way) Video: Intel GMA X4500HD (Onboard, and as mentioned, it...
  18. eding

    Stuck on Apple Loading Bar … used multiple flags with no success

    Hey @all, trying to buy my first hackintosh. Build went well … you can see my hardware in my profile infos. Know I'm stuck in the installation-process. After I select my USB and select Boot Mac OS X from USB the apple logo appears and the progress bar starts to load ... then it stops :( I booted...
  19. ccesano

    Help, Stuck on loading bar. HP pavilion dm4

    help please i´ve been trying for days and i can´t pass the grey screen with the apple logo and the loading bar. everything goes well , the bar start loading and then stuck halfway the bar everytime, i don´t know what to do. i´m using this bootflags: IGPEnabler=NO cpus=1. if i don´t use...