lion crashes

  1. LucaCarrera

    Lion 10.7.5 w/GTX680 don't work. Help me!

    Hello, I installed Lion 10.7.5 on this Hackintosh: CPU i7 3770K EVGA GTX 680 Graphics GA-Z77X-UP5 TH but I can not get it started. Removing the graphics card the computer boots without problems, when I insert the GTX 680 after the apple logo tells me to restart...
  2. static4521

    lion installer flashes the apple logo then instantly crashes

    Hello all, I have a GA-Z97X-UD3H system with an intel i7 4790k processor and I am trying to install lion onto it. Whenever I try to boot from the USB, the screen flashes with the apple logo then fails and restarts the system. I have also tried booting in verbose and safe mode with similar...