1. IamI1

    Studio One 4 Professional ask license every reboot

    Hi all! I just finished installing OSX on a XPS 9560 and it's very nice. I have one small problem tho. I have a full original license of Studio One 4 Professional. Every time i reboot my XPS the program asks for a license because something in the computer has changed, then Studio One go online...
  2. hmnaakash

    RLM License Server based application on sierra?

    Anyone have installed RLM License Server based application like The Foundry NUKE, Realflow on Sierra 10.12.2 or latest 10.12.3? RLM server not worked on Sierra 10.12, so I switched back to El Capitan. Please confirm..
  3. hmnaakash

    RLM License server issue on Sierra?

    I installed macOS Sierra without any issue but I switched back to El Capitan. Because RLM License server not worked on Sierra. I'm a 3D artist. Many programs and plugins like RealFlow, Arnold required RLM License server. Anyone have installed RLM Server on 10.12 or new 10.12.1? Tutorial -...
  4. RollingPenny

    Obtaining license

    Hello! I've just recently begun reading up on hackintoshs and I believe I'd like to give it a shot :) But here's the thing: I have access to a few macs, but they're all either personal (not mine) property or semi-public/public machines. I'd like to know if there's any danger what-so-ever for...
  5. UnKnown1134444

    OSX License across two computers?

    Hi, I already have OSX Mavericks installed on my desktop PC, if I install OSX on my laptop by using the snow leopard disk and upgrading to Mavericks, what will happen? Will I be able to run both computers on the same license seamlessly?