lga 2011-v3

  1. sampsoninc916

    Need help installing MacOS Sierra on Custom PC

    I have tried multiple times before to install MacOS Sierra on my machine which I know is capable to do the Hackintosh, but I have failed multiple times and never got past the Apple loading screen during installation. My problem lies in getting the right boot flags and the right kexts...

    X99 Chipset Questions (4K Editing Goals)

    I apologize, I moved this thread to the proper area under Buying Advice.
  3. lostcosmonaut

    Intel LGA 2011-v3 and X99 Mobo compatibility with Mac OS

    I purchased all my parts for a build, I would like to run Mac OS X, but am comfortable running Windows if I can't get it to work. This is my first solo build, so Im a bit nervous, and not sure if Im doing everything correct. I couldn't find a any threads that confirmed this right now. I wanted...