lenovo y50

  1. Nerwan94

    31Mb of Video Memory on Lenovo y50-70 UHD

    Hello, guys, I'm new here I'm sorry if this wrong place I post if someone has the same laptop and the same specs and he was successful got the full VRAM on mac help me or sent to me here file (EFI)
  2. 4technix

    properly fixing touchpad & keyboard - Lenovo Y50

    Hi all, After having followed the guide my sierra install is working fine. But I do have some issues related to keyboard and touchpad: - in system preferences touchpad entry is a blank screen; how can I fix it? - for touchpad I really want to switch "on" tap to click functionality; how can I do...
  3. 4technix

    Fixing issues after Sierra install using Multibeast/Unibeast method

    Hi all, I have a Lenovo Y50 (2015 model) with a full HD 1080p screen and nVidia 860M 4GB variant discrete GPU. Specs in brief: i7 4710HQ (haswell variant), 16GB DDR3L RAM, 1TB SSHD, nVidia 860M 4GB (maxwell variant), ALC 283 for audio?, for ethernet RTL811xx patch works fine but I need...
  4. AlixAlxAni

    Laptop - Intel HD 4600 - 7MB Only

    Hi , so. I managed to install Sierra on my Lenovo Y50 : i7 4720HQ , 16GB RAM , GTX 860M (disabled in bios) and Intel HD 4600, Problem is , I have everything working including audio except that my graphics in system report show up that I only have 7 MBs of VRAM ? Looked everywhere and couldn't...
  5. deathmetalgore

    Lenovo Y50 and OS X Yosemite 10.10

    Hello everyone, I have read through a lot of guides to install OS X Yosemite 10.10 on a Lenovo Y50, but neither included an explanation on how to prepare the USB/installation from Windows 8.1. I am doing this kind of thing for the first time. My laptop runs on Windows 8.1 and I cannot follow...
  6. mdiaz2396

    DSDT Compile Error

    I have 3 errors in my DSDT, and can't get full Intel HD 4600 QE/CI. Sorry for my english, i speak spanish.