lenovo g50-70

  1. Graaanityy

    Lenovo G50-70 - no audio on Big Sur with AppleALC

    Hello guys, since I Hackintosh'ed my GA-Z87-D3HP successfully with Big Sur, I decided to install Big Sur on my Lenovo G50-70 laptop. Specs are: CPU: Intel Core i7 4510U GPU: Intel HD4400 & AMD Radeon R5 M230 (deactivated with -wegnoegpu) HDD: Seagate 500GB SSHD RAM: 8GB 1600MHz Ethernet...
  2. eziodiesformac

    How to install Mac OS X sierra on Asus R558UQ & Lenovo G50-70

    I have two intel laptops from lenovo & asus which is running on windows but i want to install mac os x on my both pc but everytime I try to install Mac OS X Sierra on my asus kabylake version laptop i got failed. But in Lenovo G50-70 laptop I succesfully install Mac OS X sierra bt after the...
  3. davidfio

    Lenovo G50-80 i3 4005 Intel HD 4400 4 GB RAM

    Hi everyone, i would install MacOS Sierra on my Lenovo G50-80 with i3 4005U, 4GB RAM, Intel HD 4400. Surfing in the site i'ven't found nothing around this configuration. Can anyone help me? It's very important because i need a MacOS for my job. Thank you so much for the help and the great forum :D
  4. Darkrai1012

    Having power problems when on battery power on Sierra

    So I sometimes work towards getting a fully working hackintosh and right now I am only getting one weird problem I am not sure why it happens and suspect it is a DSDT problem. So what happens is that sleeping while plugged in Hackintosh has no problems but when it is using battery power and...
  5. Darkrai1012

    I installed Sierra but I'm having some weirds restarts!

    Okay so I got macOS Sierra on a Lenovo G50-70 Working so far: Everything a Lenovo G50-70 can get working with its hardware, even got iMessage working already. The point is that I have had 2 times where macOS restarts randomly, both times I was not using the PC; it was idle, but also both have...
  6. cupo0191254

    Lenovo G50-70 i7 First time Please Help

    BIOS: InsydeH2O Version 03.73.069ACN26WW Model: Lenovo G50-70 CPU: i7-4510U Graphics: HD4400 Render : AMD Radeon HD 8500M Memory: 12MB RAM Realtek RTL8723BE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E Problem : i have install El Capitan 10.11.6 successfully but i can't get WIFI and Audio working.
  7. admicos

    Will my laptop work with El Capitan? (Lenovo G50-70)

    TL; DR is on the title. --- So, will my laptop work with El Capitan? I found a thread about installation, but i have some different parts. Actually, i could install OS X (Yosemite, IIRC) to the laptop but it didn't install the bootloader so i couldn't boot. Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400...
  8. atrusplus

    Mavericks 10.9.2 on Lenovo G50-70

    Laptop spec: Model: Lenovo G50-70 CPU: i7-4500U Graphics: HD4400 HD: 500 Gb. Ethernet: RTL8101E/RTL8102E (Important advice: This guide is only tested in a Lenovo G50-70. Read carefully all the guide before start the procedure. You will download some...