1. kineticone

    Rookie help for a brand new XPS i9 7590 15" OLED

    Hello, I'm not totally uneducated when it comes to IT, but I don't want to loose too much time either in browsing thousands of posts. And certainly don't want to end up messing stuff up. I'm still considering a dual boot (for just in case I might need Win), but if this is to unstable, I'm...
  2. andreboyrock

    How To Turn On Keyboard Backlit Through Scroll Lock Led On macOS

    Was using my CoolerMaster Devastator II keyboard with backlit off until found this solution, called "SetLEDs for Mac OS X", developed by Damien Guard. Here are the steps you should take to have scroll led on for all users when they make login: Download the latest version binary on...
  3. Michael-Hurtle

    How to reuse only the fron power button on the G5.

    I'm currently in the progress of finishing my Powermac G5 case mod, but i want to reuse Only the power button, and LED. i don't want to reuse the USB because i plan on upgrading to USB 3.0 in the front. any way i can mod the three cables coming from the power button and LED?