1. kosakgroove

    Perfecting the Experience

    Hi guys. My first Hack in signature is a dual GPU laptop, Optimus, which I disabled through ACPI. I have successfully made 99% of the components work, all is good. My gf has a Ivy Bridge MacBookPro and so I've dumped a lot of info so as to make my ACPI tables more similar to a real Mac. I...
  2. jmwmulle

    What—*not how*—to edit in a DSDT.aml file & where to learn it

    Hi. I know next to nothing about hardware, but I'm coming up on my third Hackintosh (I've been using nothing but for... 5 or 6 years). Every time I try to get a little more competent at the process. I write Python, PHP, Javascript, etc. (web developer ftw); so the editing part doesn't alarm...