1. peluzitol

    Problem with internal laptop lcd in hackintosh dell 7570

    Hi, This is my first post, and i have a problem with my dell 7570 hackintosh. This is my specifications: - Intel® Core™ i7-8550U - Solid unit SSD 512 NVRam Toshiba - 16 GB RAM DDR4 - Intel Graphics UHD 620 - NVidia MX130 - Lcd Laptop 15,5'' touchpanel 4K I have a dual boot windows 10 and macos...
  2. acacchione

    EVGA gtx 960 compatibility with Acer AL1916WD - LCD monitor - 19"

    I tried to connect EVGA gtx 960 to an Acer AL1916WD - LCD monitor but , after initial motherboard screen, the screen turns black...seems to be out of range!The same hackintosh connected to a Hanns G HG191 19'' monitor works perfectly.The two LCD monitors has the same specifications and the same...
  3. joenot

    It will cost me $140 to upgrade the display in my 4530s. Is this worth it?

    I just need some feedback from users who've completed the upgrade. Do you find it was worth the money in retrospect? I've done the exact same replacement on coworker's probook (I work in IT) and I had no difficulties, my only hesitations at the moment are the cost. I'm using the 646274-001...
  4. GuiyeC

    Internal LCD/Display not working on VAIO VGN-FZ18E with 8400M GT

    Hello everyone, I've been looking for this answer for days now and I just can't figure if this is even possible. My problem is that I cannot get the screen and graphics card to work together, on an external display everything is fluid, games, videos, animations... but if I want to use my...