1. dienton28

    Latitude E6440 TouchPad doesn't works Gestures

    Hi, Well, I have a problem on my laptop, recently I install OS X Mojave 10.14.1 on my laptop from my Hackintosh Desktop PC, but later when i have installed the system the touchpad doesn't work, i installed the kext VooDooPS2Controller.kext and it works, but the drag function and the gestures...
  2. mateuswang

    Siri not working on Catalina

    Hey guys!! I built my Hackintosh last night following this tutorial: My Hackintosh runs at a Dell Latitude E6320 with intel graphics! The laptop have the original hardware except for the wifi card (Atheros AR5B91). Everything goes fine... I got Mac App Store, iMessage, FaceTime, Wifi working...
  3. StarSix

    Help with Installation - Latitude E5440

    Hey, I do not know if this is the right area, nevertheless I wanted to ask for help I have no experience with Hackintosh and found nothing on the Internet about my laptop I would like to install Mac OS Catalina but do not understand exactly how to do that, I have a Catalina.dmg already and a 16...
  4. deuterium

    dell latitude e6510

    hi, i'm new on the forum and a long time lurker, big fan. onto business, i'm trying to install high sierra (10.13.6) on a dell latitude e6510, specs off of cpu-z: intel core i5 520m motherboard dell ON5KHN (not sure if relevant) intel QM57 chipset and havendale/clarkedale host bridge 4gb of...
  5. Zia765

    Dell Latitude E5420 hackintosh success

    Hi I have successfully installed Mac OS Sierra on my Dell latitude E5420 single boot. It is also supported on macOS High Sierra (I think):D:D:D.The Intel WiFi card are not supported for hackintosh so I use Tp-Link Tl-WN725N for WiFi works great. Things that are working: 1:Audio 2:Sleep...
  6. Kowy

    Latitude E6430 10.13.4

    Hello, I´ve recently installed 10.13.4 on my Dell Latitude E6430. But i have problems with audio, intel gpu memory, usb 3.0 and battery. What i need to do? :)
  7. freesby

    Trackpad buttons not working

    Trackpad itself works as far as the voodooi2c kext allows it and the keyboard works with the voodooPS , but the trackpad buttons are unresponsive. There's an active mouse preferences panel in the system preferences for what is worth. What could be done to fix this? Any hint would be...
  8. freesby

    [solved] Latitude 7390: Headphone silent after wake up

    Headphones (wired) go silent after wake up from sleep until re-pluged Also, annoying background white noise as if the volume is being boosted too much, however the volume won't affect the noise level. I suspect this is a CodecCommander problem. Any tip? Attached some debug files that might...

    Unable to boot Clover from HDD (Dell Latitude 5580)

    @RehabMan I have followed your instructions regarding dual booting and renamed bootmgfw.efi to bootmgfw-orig.efi but then at boot I get a message no boot device found. So I followed another method in which we had to add CloverX64.efi in boot entries but this method although booted clover, but...
  10. N8261D

    Dell Latitude E7440 Intel Core i7-4600U Intel 4400 Graphics

    Hello all, I need help installing macOS on my Dell Latitude E7440. I have the Snow Leopard Install Disk and the iBoot Haswell Disk for the 4th Gen Intel CPU. Can someone walk me through the installation? I checked all the install forums and found nothing. PLEASE HELP!
  11. themarwik

    Dell Latitude 5480

    i have a Dell Latitude 5480 with intel HD Graphics 620 but the accreditation not working. what to do?
  12. Kiluae

    Latitude 7480 (Specs inside) is it compatible?

    Hey everyone. I've been reading around for a bit but now I want to give it a spin. I can't seem to find any posts on the 7480 specifically, however. I'll post the specs for my model here: Processor Intel Core i7-7600U (Intel Core i7) Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620, Core: 1150 MHz, Memory...
  13. jan4321

    Native NVRAM problems Latitude 3330

    I am having trouble with the native NVRAM on my Latitude 3330. Though I can make it work with EmuVariable I would really prefer using native NVRAM. The following test fails: sudo nvram TestVar=test; --reboot-- sudo nvram -p|grep TestVar However when I boot in to the Clover UEFI shell and test...
  14. sdarktemplar

    HD630 HDMI only work on connector-type=<00 04 00 00>

    Hi, My name is Yui, I just follow the guide to install 10.12.6 on my laptop, My laptop is Dell Latitude 5480, its spec as below: BIOS Version 1.6.3 CPU Intel i7 7820HQ RAM Kingston DDR4 2400 16G x 2 MB Chipset Intel CM238 SSD TOSHIBA THNSNK256GVN8 M.2 2280 256GB Audio Realtek ALC3246 Graphics...
  15. jan4321

    Keyboard backlight control flashes

    I have updated my Latitude 3330 to High Sierra and almost everything is working correctly. It has working backlight control (using AppleBacklightInjector.kext). The problem is with the backlight control keys. Though they are working, the BIOS also responds to them. Upon a key press the BIOS set...
  16. sambow23

    Latitude E6400 No Audio | OS X 10.10

    Hello, as you see the by the title, my audio does not work. Here are my specs: System: Dell Latitude E6400 (Clover) CPU: Core 2 Duo P8700/BGA479 Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M/1280x800 RAM: 4GB DDR2 800MHz I already tried patching the AppleHDA.kext, it doesn't seem to do anything. I can...
  17. WouterVD

    Dell Latitude E5510 - "Still waiting for root device"

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, or at least this is my first thread. I've been trying to get a few old pc's to run OS X for quite a while now, but things don't seem to be working out well. That's why I hope someone on this forum might be able to give me some advice. One of the pc's I'm currently...
  18. mr.moh4med

    Clover on Laptop boot stuck after post installation help please!!!

    I have dell latitude e5430 i3-3110m hd4000, i'm using clover r3142 the latest one i think, the installation was perfect, but after my post installation laptop stuck on boot from partition what files do i need to provide to troubleshoot my problem thanks alot.
  19. evanluther

    Latitude 3330 Trackpad and Keyboard not working on installation screen

    Using a Dell Latitude 3330, got my way to the installation screen (finally), but the cursor is stuck up in the lefthand corner of the screen and I can only use the tab and space buttons to tab onto different graphic buttons ("back" or "continue") and use space to enter, but I need to use disk...
  20. Man-With-Arrow

    Mavericks on Dell Latitude 3340

    Title. I have already read the sticky about compatibility and the UniBeast guide; just confirming that it will work. Hardware wise, it should be fine (i5 4200u, HD Graphics 4400). Will it work?