1. Ferdofe

    ASUS K550J compatible?

    Hello guys, i'm sort of new to this thing, so i figured i'd ask some more experienced people for help and advice. So to kick it off, will i be able to hackintosh my old but trusty Asus K550J? Here's the specs: CPU - intel i5 4200H 2.8 GHz RAM - 8 GB GPU - Geforce GTX 950m dunno what else i...
  2. TheRealPalmtree

    Lenovo s340 Keyboard working, touchpad not

    Laptop: Lenovo s340 14 inch I-5 8265u 8 gig DDR4 256 gig SSD (running exclusively macOS) Intel UHD 620 (this is also not working, 7mb of VRAM showing up in 'about this Mac'. Currently using RehabMan's UHD 630 plist as there's no UHD 620, any help about this problem would be much appreciated)...
  3. olinad17

    How install Hackintosh on Asus n551jw

    Hi, i need help for install hackintosh on my laptop (ASUS N551JW) This are the parts: MOTHERBOARD: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. N551JW (SOCKET 0) CPU:Intel Core i7 4720HQ @ 2.60GHz 57 °C Haswell 22nm Technology Monitor (1920x1080@60Hz) Intel HD Graphics 4600 (ASUStek Computer Inc) And Nvidia...
  4. moonlightv

    Which one is the best choice for hackintosh?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to here. I plan to buy a windows laptop, a mac app sketch which is the only one I need to use on macOS system,so I don't want to buy a macbook pro or a iMac. This is my laptop shopping list: 1、surface book2 15 2、aero15(i7-7700hq or I7-8750H version) 3、dell xps15 9575...
  5. Shadowpatriot9

    Audio and Wifi not working in El Capitan

    In the post-installation stage of creating a Hackintosh my laptop, I am unable to acquire sound or internet. I have installed and tried every single kext on this website that I can think of, but nothing. When I am in El Capitan, the OS seems to recognize my audio (Intel HD Audio) card under the...
  6. mk78510

    Installation problem mac os sierra

    i have a bootable usb of mac os sierra (clover) when i try to install from the clover boot page i got this photo first two options for usb and other 4 are legacy windows harddrive when i click on first option "boot mac os x from install mac os sierra " then this thing comes sorry for...
  7. Fred321123

    Am I able to hackintosh this LapTop?

    Hello, I have experience on PC hackintosh'es, but none in LapTop ones. I got an i5 5200U 2.20Ghz, 8Gb of RAM DDR3, Nvidia 930M 2Gb, Intel HD 5500 (up to 4Gb) and I know its needed more information, I'll be putting some pic's of CPU-Z + Windows Details and Drivers. You can see all prints in...
  8. wishful

    Laptop Recommendation for App Development (Xcode)

    Hello, I am thinking of hacking a laptop to work on developing apps while on the go. It wouldn't be my primary computer (I have a desktop at home), but I need something while I travel including my daily commute to and from work (~50 minutes on the bus). I like the Buyer's Guide for desktops...
  9. abdulrahman.94

    hp pavilion g6-2030se Notebook PC Compatibility

    Hi .. I need to know my laptop compatibility : hp pavilion g6-2030se Notebook PC core-i5 sandy bridge amd radeon 7670m Thnx :D
  10. rmendez011

    Will Mac OS X Yosemite Be Compatible With Lenovo G50-70

    Will Mac OS X Yosemite Be Compatible With my Lenovo G50-70 Specs: Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit System Model:20351 Processor:Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz RAM:6144MB Ram Please Respod Quickly and Thank You!:headbang:
  11. everythingplusmusic

    Mt. Lion on a laptop?

    Just a quick little question. Would I be able to put Mt. Lion on a newer laptop? I am in the market for one that is not $2500 just so I can have a quad core processor from Apple. I was thinking a Lenovo workstation computer.
  12. GeoMan2

    Post Mavericks install issue on HP DV7 Laptop

    Post Mavericks install issue on HP DV7 Laptop ** SUCCESSFUL INSTALL ** Hello, I need help with my graphics settings for the latest Mavericks install. Here are my computer specs: HP DV7 4269wm Intel Core i5 M480 2 cores and 4 threads @ 2.66 Ghz (Nahalem - Westmere ) Switchable: ATI...
  13. Faizan

    Asus UX302la

    So I've had this laptop for almost a year now and I love the build quality of it. I'm not a fan of windows 8 however. I wanted know, looking at the motherboard, wireless car, and the processor, would I be able to install and run osx? 3.2 pounds Processor Brand Intel® Processor Intel®...
  14. symbiot999

    Lenovo g700

    I make the boot loader on the flash drive and everything is fine in till i get to the boot: no keys seem to work but m and [ if i press one of them it goes to install and has a circle with a line through it and the symbol keeps spinningny ideas System: lenovo g700 CPU: i5-3320m 2.60 ghz...
  15. Alfradique

    Mountain Lion on Avell Titanium B153

    Hello guys, i was wondering if you could give me some tips and solve me a few time. I have a notebook with intel core i7 3630QM, Nvidia GeForce 640M, 4GB DDR3 (i could't find the model), harddisk Western WD7500 BPKT, Audio Realtek , Wifi Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235, Network Realtek PCI GBE...