laptop comatibility

  1. Ferdofe

    ASUS K550J compatible?

    Hello guys, i'm sort of new to this thing, so i figured i'd ask some more experienced people for help and advice. So to kick it off, will i be able to hackintosh my old but trusty Asus K550J? Here's the specs: CPU - intel i5 4200H 2.8 GHz RAM - 8 GB GPU - Geforce GTX 950m dunno what else i...
  2. hanharry2

    Gigabyte Aero14 (GTX965m) compatibility

    Hey guys, I recently bought a new laptop, Aero 14(GTX965m model) and I am thinking of installing Sierra. Can anyone tell me if it's supported? Specs: CPU: i7-6700HQ Chipset: Mobile Intel HM170 express chipset Ram: 8GB DDR4 2133Mhz GPU: GTX 965m (2GB Vram), Intel HD...
  3. Will747

    Can I Put Mac OS On My HP Notebook - 15-ac108na?

    I was wondering if I could put Mac OS on my HP Notebook - 15-ac108na. If so how do I install it I watched a tutorial on YouTube however it crashed after I had selected the OS in clover. Processor: Intel® Pentium® 3825U with Intel® HD Graphics (1.9 GHz, 2 MB cache, 2 cores) Memory: 4GB DDR3...
  4. Popyura

    HP Pavilion 15 (Kaby Lake) - Battery Status only working *sometimes*

    Thanks to RehabMan's extensive guides, kexts, patches and whatnot I'm happy to say that I've managed to get my recently purchased Kaby Lake laptop pretty darn close to 100% compatability - only things flat out not working are native WiFi (got a dongle for time being and will at some point do a...
  5. PaterPan20

    I am new to the Hackintosh world, but I am exited and ready to learn.

    Alright everyone, I have a Toshiba Satellite R945 with an i5-3210m @2.50GHz, 6GB of memory and I will be putting a new 250GB Samsung SSD. What multibeast drivers will I need? And is my laptop even compatibility? Thanks to everyone that helps me out in advance!