laptop acer

  1. pineapplehead

    Acer Aspire ES 11 ES1-132-C06L

    Specs: Intel celeron /n3350 Intel graphics 4GB DDR3 L eMMC 32GB Can I hackingtosh?
  2. Jaydenwit

    Ocs: Failed to calcate size of dict field containing <empty> as type data, context <Misc>!

    I'm new to making my laptop a hackintosh and I currently switched to my brother's old laptop that has a i5 8250u and a uhd 620 and a mx 150 as deticated gpu (disabled), I'm getting these 2 errors.
  3. Skygold58

    a515-51g-37Z4 install problem

    Hi, It's first time form me that using opencore to install Big sur on my laptptop, it's an acer a515-51g-37Z4 and i have used this repo : to create my efi folder i have add smbios (MacBookPro13,3) with GenSMBIOS. When i want to boot in the...
  4. regularnoname

    Acer aspire 5750g dedicated graphics

    I installed hackinosh on my laptop and trying to launch my nvidia graphics gt520m . I find this but i dosen't know how to enable it Integrated and NVIDIA Graphics (use Integrated for less battery drain) //NVIDIA is disabled by default
  5. Binuk

    3.5mm external mic not working in hack

    Hello guys, I recently installed macOS Big Sur on my laptop hack. It was kinda easy. I have everything working. But, I have a 3.5mm external mic and I would like to get it working with my hack. It has extremely good sound quality and I would not like to keep it collecting dust. I have a audio...
  6. Binuk

    Switching from Clover to OpenCore for Big Sur

    Hello fellow Hackintoshers I have clover with macOS Catalina. I would like to try out macOS Big Sur. I googled some guides but I did not find a guide to upgrade from macOS Catalina to Big Sur in clover. The only guides I found was to fresh install and I would not like to ruin my existing...
  7. danbu

    TrackPad and Keyboard not working

    Hello, I try to hackintosh a Acer Aspire v3 (A317-51K) with Catalina and don't get the laptops TrackPad and Keyboard working. I couldn't find people with similar problems in forums. Maybe one of the more experienced users could help me to find my way ? Would be really nice :shifty: I noticed...
  8. justinkm95

    Acer ASpire v3, updating to high sierra with clover

    Ive been trying to do this for sometime now and get stuck every time with the same problem. After clover prompts me to chose the install it stops on the apple logo. No progress bar to show how much it has installed, no spinning wheel, nothing. could really use some help.
  9. MarcoDS

    [solved] Intel HD4400 High Sierra

    Hi, I successfully installed High Sierra 10.13.4 on my Acer Aspire E5 573g, but now I have a huge screen problem. It is flickering! I already read that I have to set the BIOS to legacy but my I can only set UEFI or Legacy and I didn't managed to get clover working in legacy mode :p. Are there...
  10. koner6225

    High Sierra Acer 591g Service only ran for 0 seconds

    Hey, I am currently trying to install High Sierra 13.3 but I am unable to get to the installer. I get the following Warning and I am unable to proceed from that point on forward. I already tried to create a spoof ssdt which was made by following rehabman's guide, but I still get this error.
  11. Ghanou

    Noise in headphones (alc255)

    Hello everybody, I've already installed Mac os Sierra on my laptop and for enable the sound i have applied the tutorial in this video: so i patch my DSDT & i have succeeded in this but when i put headphones into laptop there is annoying noise and i can not hear anything, can anybody help me...
  12. rpdp-X

    Trouble installing El Capitan 10.11.4 - Hard Disk not found in Disk Utility

    Hi All, I bought my Acer v3 372 laptop recently. I found the specs of this machine to be very much similar to the late 2016 MacBook Pro with touchbar and thus I always have tried to install Mac OS on this system. I began by trying a vanilla install of El capitan. I followed the Rehabman guide...
  13. nevchris24

    I want to dual boot windows 10 and os x el captain (already have windows 10 and want to install el c

    i want to dual boot windows 10 which is already running and want to install el captain so i can dual boot I AM NEW TO THIS AND WANT SUPPORT TO DO THIS pc specs acer laptop travelmate p243m i3 3120m intel hd 4000 4gb ram 500 hd seagate hdd help will be appreciated alot
  14. soyaym

    ACER ASPIRE M5 El capitan Stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!

    Hello.... I have an acer aspire m5, it has an i5 processor and Intel HD4000 Graphics, and it just stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport and after that the letters just looks blurry and appears in the middle of the screen like a white "forbidden logo" and sometimes stuck in PCI...
  15. tgyan

    Acer Aspire E1-570G laptop Power Management help

    Hi, after many and many and many tests to have a working installation of Mavericks, finally I have a successful osx installed in my laptop, although some devices are not supported (wifi and audio codec). My system definition: System: ACER ASPIRE E1-570G CPU: Intel Core i3 3227U Ivy Bridge GT2...