1. bobcatcommander

    << Solved >> Photoshop work very slow and lag issue

    Hello, dear friends. Recently I was make my second build High Sierra, based on Intel Xeon E5-2640 (6 cores, 12 threads), 16GB RAM (DDR3), Huanan X79 and Nvidia GTX1060 (6 GB). All work perfectly, except working in Adobe Photoshop and Figma (that strange). This programs working with big and...
  2. retrome1

    << Solved >> Laptop hangs/lag after waking from sleep

    Hi guys, I really need your help. My Dell Laptop (3567) freezes, lags for a few seconds (5-10) after sleep, and then comes back to normal. It happens only when laptop sleeping more than 5 minutes. How to fix this issue? Any ideas?
  3. tease75

    rx vega 64: constant frame drop with more then 3 dispay

    Hello, I have a mighty Hackintosh to do video performances with multiple display, but with an important display issue: if I plug more then 3 HD screens on my radeon rx vega 64 8gb (that should support 5 output), there are very regular lags of about one frame, every 5/6 seconds the image freeze...
  4. SyBeRGEN

    High Sierra 10.13.6 i5-4690k, gtx 970 Laggs

    Good day, the fact is that to install High sierra on your PC, but it lags, but let's in order) 1) The system boots for about a minute, and after logging in for 3 minutes, I wait for all applications to unfold, in windows it took about 30 seconds from the start of the PC. 2) I went to DotA to...
  5. Versusnet

    MacOS 10.13.1 random freeze, lags, suspend

    Hi, dear users After i upgrade my Hack to 10.13(10.13.1) i got many lags, freezes, random application freezes(main window with a flower cursor) On 10.12.6 there was no any error I use only mandatory kexts (FaceSMC and RTL8111 kext) - thats all My Specs - SMBIOS - MacPro5,1 M/B - ASUS P7P55PRO...
  6. fmff3

    Xcode lags, slow during debug - Sierra

    Hi, Installed Sierra on my new hackintosh build (i7, GeForce 7500, 32GB, SSD, Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 5), almost everything running well except for Xcode 8 while running a macOS app and paused in debug mode. Very laggy when switching between Xcode panes and the system starts acting very slow...
  7. AnatolyChG

    sometimes CPU lags (audio and video), h170m Skylake (video of the problem inside post)

    Hello everyone I have a skylake build hackintosh from last tonymac recommendation: motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H170M-D3H DDR4 CPU: core i5 6500 SSD: samsung evo 850 128gb GPU: only integrated video intel hd 530 RAM: CRUCIAL CT4G4DFS8213 DDR4 4Gb x2 others: ASUS USB-BT400 & magic mouse 2 & apple...
  8. zbwindows8

    Trouble waking from sleep

    I got Yosemite about 2 weeks ago, I've always had this problem. Whenever I want from sleep, one (out of 2) display shows an image while the other is just black background (the mouse can go onto that screen but nothing happens). The mouse is laggy moving around, like trying to play minecraft on...