1. Utku92

    Big Sur 11.0.1 Bad Game Performance and Lagging

    I have opencore 0.6.4 version. My graphic card is rx 590 pulse. I don't understand I tried cs go and league of legends. So many time lagging and drop in game. What can I do ? Thanks.
  2. arthur4002

    gtx 950 glitches

    i have successfully installed high Sierra 10.13 (17A405) but my graphics card is lagging so much, I have installed Nvidia web drivers 378. (and enabled in clover at system parameters) also have lilu.kext and whatevergreen.kext but still having visual glitches also my monitor...
  3. MarijZ

    hackintosh lags after wake from sleep

    Hey, I have a Hackintosh with the following specs: Cpu: i5-3470 Ram: 16gb DDR3 GPU: Nvidia 1050ti Mobo: MSI h61m-p20 (g3) OS: MAC OS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G66) And this is the only issue I have left. When I put my Hackintosh to sleep and then wake it up everything is normal except it lags...
  4. maara

    Extremely laggy macos after installing win 10 for dualboot

    Hey all! I am having a strange issue with my 10.13.6... After days of buttery smooth daily use, I decided to install Win 10 on one of the other disks in my computer so I can dual boot (you know - gaming etc...). Everything went ok and once the Win installation finished, I booted to macos using...
  5. viperouge

    Lag + Seldom Graphic Artifacts

    Hey guys, Since when I updated to High Sierra (I updated as soon as it was released), I have been experiencing some lag (moving windows, browsing, minimizing windows) even when I only have Mail, Safari and Chrome open. Very rarely I also see some graphic artifacts, which go away after a minute...
  6. AhmedBarayez

    Very lag screen on sierra after install

    I just installed hackintosh sierra but the screen and animations are very laggy "about my mac" is showing that the intel hd 4000 is only 4mb ? I used a different id and it's reading 1534mb now but it's still laggy ?! I don't know what to do ? And i don't have nvidia graphic card to enable...
  7. fatfriar22

    Major Issues with New Sierra Install - Laggy, black borders around desktop, no audio

    I've done a few Hackintosh installs on this machine before, all with pretty good success, but I am up against a wall right now. (And I should note that I don't have a ton of experience modifying the software build outside of making changes using Multibeast). Basically I installed Sierra (12.1)...
  8. joshua12

    UI Stuttering with 4K Monitor

    Hi, So I recently purchased a LG 4k monitor to add to my setup. My previous monitor configuration was with 1x LG monitor operating at 1920 x 1080, 1x Apple Cinema Display operating at 1680 x 1050, and a Asus Display operating at 2560 x 1440. All of this is being driven by a single Gigabyte GTX...
  9. loulkrub

    OSX 10.9.2 on X79S-UP5-WiFi painfull installation and still unsatisfying

    I spend 72 hours to install Maverick 10.9.2 and it is still working bizarrely : system seems ok, GUI seems a little slow and particularly videos are laggy. hexa Core I7 4930 3,4Ghz GA-X79S-UP5 Intel SSD 240GB 335 series 2 x 8GB DDR3 1600 Kingston 1 Geforce GTX660 Maverick recognize...
  10. mildj84ns

    [SOLVED]YouTube videos loading lags in Safari

    I'm using Mountain Lion 10.8.4 and i have big loading lag when opening YouTube videos, the page opens instantly but the video needs at least 15 seconds to start playing, this issue only occurs in Safari, and it's really annoying, Chrome and FF are both working fine. I've tried reseting Safari...
  11. etigrenier

    iTunes lags/skips during normal playback

    Hi, I built a Hacktintosh recently and everything is working fine, thanks to the guides of tonymac, but I have now this little glitch, it's not very important, but I find it pretty annoying. I loaded my iTunes library onto the new iTunes 11 on my Hackintosh, and I have this little skipping...