1. X

    Dell L502X ALC665 Audio Problems

    Hello all! Tis' be my first post here! I am currently experiencing some issues with my audio, which is not working. I tried using AppleALC, AppleHDA patching, VoodooHDA, as well as other tweaks. None have worked. I am willing to reinstall OS X Mavericks, as I have nothing on my drive. Only...
  2. themaskofwraith

    operating system not found.

    I have dell l502x laptop. Specification: I5-2450 Hdgraphics. 3000 Gtx 540m 2b card 6gb ram 120gb ssd Using the unibeast i installed mavericks by creating 1 partition(GUID) only Installation didn't required any special parameters. After installation I installed the boot loader and...
  3. andrecasteliano

    Bootloader on Dell XPS L502X (A09)

    Hi guys, this is my first post, and I'm new to the hackintosh 'world'. Using unibeast, multibeast and the excellent information on tonymac I managed to install mountain lion on my desktop computer (Intel Z68 board, i7, Radeon HD4850 (triple monitor setup working like a charm)) and my notebook...