kp while booting

  1. universengc

    Can't install High Sierra. Fault CPU.

    Hi, Im am Newbie with hackintosh. Last days try to install High Sierra. Did everything on a guide, but no luck with install. My pc: pentium g4560 asus z270 mark I gtx 1050 TI I created an installation with Unibeast. Use kexst: NullCPUPowerManagment.kext, FakeCPUID.kext...
  2. joshua12

    [Solved] System Will Not Boot After Running MultiBeast

    Hi all, I am hoping for some advice on what is happening to my system. I had a 95% working Z370 build (all was working besides bluetooth and quick-sync), everything seemed fine (still on the hunt for quick-sync as I am a FCP editor) but I woke up and the system refused to boot. After trying a...
  3. Apples2Oranges

    Seemingly Random Kernel Panic On Startup

    Hello All! Just got my 3rd hack going and all was seemingly well, but after awhile this KP started happening, seemingly at random. See attached image (sorry for the flash). Fault CR2: 0xffffff83ea3cf000, Error Code: 0x0000000000000000, Fault CPU: 0x8, PL: 0, VF: 10 The Build...
  4. fivos1996

    Strange kernel panic after injecting HD 5500?

    Hi folks. I have been trying for months now to get my Intel HD 5500 to work. I feel safe to say that I have tried everything! (Many config files, ig platform IDs, RehabMan's config etc). I don't have the common DVMT lock problem that almost everyone has. But I get strange kernel panics and...
  5. Javaded

    Dell Optiplex 9010 first boot problem

    Hi, I have a Optiplex 9010 with core i5 3570 (without K!), I also have a ATI 4570. I created a bootable flash drive based on this thread, I tried legacy and uefi both! with config 13.2. I have done some search and people telling about boot in safe mode for installation..-x with this, without it...
  6. pbhowmick

    My i7 based Hackintosh fails to boot after BIOS update

    I have a Gigabyte Z68XP-3UDR based system which I recently upgraded to OS 10.7.5 from SL. I was trying something and ended up upgrading the BIOS from original F1 to F5. Now I can't boot it in Mac OS from hard drive or using external iBoot CD. When I select iBoot after inserting the CD the system...