1. lahdekorpi

    Cannot update and having certificate issues

    Hi! I'm having issues with a Hackintosh install that I've been upgrading for years. If I recall correctly, I did a fresh install last time on 10.9 and been upgrading to every version since. Currently at 10.15.7 (19H2). But now I started having issues, I get an error trying to update through...
  2. Rockergage

    What to do with Firewire?

    I recently started to wire up my front panel and after botching the original PCB i got a used front panel and been taking parts off to use instead with plans to epoxy them to the front panel as cleanly as possible. Along with my USB and Audio i got a Fire Wire cable and thinking about it i don't...
  3. boideia

    System freeze

    I've my hackintosh since Jan, 2015, it's working fine untill today! I was working in some vídeos in Black Magic Resolve 14, as I always do, and it freezes. Sometimes it happens with BMResolve. So I restarted the computer, and to my surprise when it come back, I can't reopen Black Magic Resolve...
  4. lerimer

    iCloud Keychain

    Ever since I've been running Sierra, I have not been able to enable iCloud Keychain. When I highlight it and enter the password, it unchecks its self once again. I'm running my hack as a iMac 14,2 because initially I was running it as a Mac mini, but after the 2nd beta, my gtx970 stopped...
  5. jonathanpaulpano

    Keychain Access creating iMessage encryption and signing keys every boot

    I've recently checked my keychain access and I saw that it has a lot of iMessage encryption and signing keys. Mine was close to 500 encryption and signing keys. I've deleted all the keys assuming that they were old and start a new set of keys and rebooted my hackintosh. Fresh boot without the...
  6. leandermelms

    El Capitan: Cannot login after keychain reset

    El capitan suggested to reset my keychain after there has been some issues with icloud. As naive I might be, I've done so and since then, I'm no longer able to login to my prior account. The account is not even listed anymore. Because of that, I've decided to enable the root user account - with...