keyboard layout

  1. Romaha

    How to make Mac keyboard "fn" button recognized on Windows

    Hi guys, Yesterday I spent tons of time trying to figure out, how can I restore "fn" button functionality on Windows 11. Short intro - it's not boot camp install. I have purchased the PC because needed muuuch more perfromance for my tasks which my MBP 2015 can't afford. I also have Mac MLA22B...
  2. ezeeyahoo

    How to fix Keyboard key mapping?

    Hi Problem:- Pressing \ gives §, | gives ± (same key w/o shift) Here is the kext, I am using. I don't know how to play with codes. Unicode for § is a7 but I didn't find anywhere in Info.plist. Please help, Thanks for your attention..
  3. cm000000

    Editting Info.plist to solve keyboard mapping problem

    Hey guys, i need a hand! My probook works great, all the work done by the community help those like me to have a great working machine with very little effort, so my thanks to that great team. An small issue is that there are 2 keys swapped: the one at the right of the 'left shift', and the one...