keyboard issues

  1. mariopaath23

    HP Pavilion 14-r202tx Strange Keyboard Sleep Problem and a few more problem

    So I managed to get MacOS Catalina 10.15.6 on my HP Pavilion 14-r202tx with almost perfect working condition. What's working: QE/CI support on Intel HD Graphics 5500 Brightness control + Brightness Keys working Internal Keyboard (Touchpad not working due to broken ribbon cable inside, so I...
  2. DSS3113

    Keyboard not working during install

    Hi, I created a Catalina installation USB with Unibeast and put the EFI folder from a previous install in the USB's ESP. I have VoodooPS2Controller.kext in the EFI/Clover/kexts/Other/ folder but my keyboard doesn't seem to work when I reach the macOS install screen (tried to type in the...
  3. Amaieca

    Keyboard stop functionning randomly on start

    Hey, I have an issue with my keyboard, Sometimes when i start Mac OS it just decides not to work randomly and i havé to restart until it works. i am using voodoo ps/2 kext for my keyboard and voodoo I2C for my trackpad with gpio pinning. Does somebody knows why it happens or a way to fix it ...
  4. garotojames

    Caps Lock needs double click

    Hello guys, i need your help. I going crazy with an issue of my notebook's keyboard. I have to click the caps lock twice to get effect and i already installed the voodoops2controller kext. Currently, i have a notebook Dell Inspiron 14R 5420 with Mojave.
  5. seawolf1988

    Keyboard problem: No caps lock light and others

    Hello guys, I've successfully done the vanilla install of macOS 10.5 on my Alienware Aurora R6 and everything works pretty well. However, I noticed a few problems with my keyboard. Right now I am using a Logitech Craft wireless keyboard with the USB receiver and here are some of the problems I...
  6. ananthujp

    Keyboard not working

    Laptop : Asus ROG FX553vd What is working : Display and graphics with brightness control (Whatevergreen + lilu) Audio (AppleALC) Touchpad (voodooi2c + patched DSDT) Working Battery Status (ACPI Battery Manager) Not working: Keyboard I tried voodoops2controller [Rehabman]. Tried installing in...
  7. Clansman320

    Missing \ key

    HP Probook 640 G1, Intel i5, Intel HD4600, 8GB RAM. UK keyboard, language to set to UK Installed El Capitan, everything (except for gfx, but thats another thread). All seemed fine (bar gfx), trackpad works with VoodooPS2, network ok. Opened a teminal window to do some work (this is important...
  8. mukid89

    Asus Vivobook S510UR BQ072 keyboard not working

    Hello I have managed to install High Sierra 10.13.5 but my tuchpad and keyboard is not working. I have tried different kext but failed to solve my problem. Can anyone give any specific kext or efi folder or any other suggestion so that I can solve my Problem?
  9. loganverma

    Sleep Mode Issue

    I Have Lenovo ThinkPad L420 I Installed El Capitan 10.11.6 Everything Is Fine But Sometimes TrackPad Not Work After Wake Up From Sleep And also Sometimes Not Work After Booting Please Help
  10. Tsunkuudandere

    [HELP] Cant get keyboard working Omen X 17-AP020NR

    I'm trying to use VoodooPS2Controller.kext to get my keyboard working, but it doesn't seem to want to. I know it's loaded and working since I see it kextstat, and it's also making my trackpad work. I'm kind of stumped. In the time I've been dealing with this, I've fixed the battery status, and...
  11. kramerkramer

    Swapped Caps-Lock and Control Causes Locked Control

    Everything is working well finally on my HP Envy with High Sierra except for one thing... I always use the caps-lock key as my control key. When I swap caps lock and control using either the Apple keyboard control panel or Karabiner Elements, when I press the caps-lock key (which is now...
  12. omarictg

    macOS Sierra Issue: kexts install but dont fix anything

    Hi I was having s lot of trouble with the kext files. I follwrd all the tutorials plus used Multibeast a number of times but I cant resolve Wifi, Audio, Keyboard and Touchpad issues. None ofthe kexts fix this issue and everytime I load the Laptop, I have to go to Clover Options and pick USB...
  13. omarictg

    Sierra Installation Keyboard and Mouse Not Working

    Hey guys I am having some trouble with the installation of Sierra. I am almost done with the installation but my keyboard and mouse does not work at all. I used Unibeast to install OS Sierra onto my Lenovo G510s. Problem now is, I don't know how to fix this issue and I am stuck with MacOS and...
  14. himanshuahuja

    Keyboard Not Working During Installation

    We have Installed Os and Now we have Reached the Account Creation Place but now we are not able to put information there.So please any one was having same issue and he/she has solved please suggest us also!!!We have used Every Kexts and we copied that also to the correct place.
  15. collin92

    Keyboard and Track not detected when Installing

    I am trying to install El Capitan on new Laptop but after following the instructions and plugging in the Bootable USB I am put at a disadvantage when the installer doesn't come on and all I see is the Installer asking me to insert a bluetooth keyboard. My trackpad doesn't work as well as the...
  16. Jsummer1

    Mouse and Keyboard not working on Mountain Lion Installer

    I have created the bootable USB but once I try to install and come to the welcome screen the usb keyboard or mouse will not work. I tried a wired mouse and keyboard also but same result. I can not proceed with the install because I have not found a way to select any options. MY components are...