1. MacMan

    KextBeast 2.0.2 2018-07-24

    KextBeast is a quick installer for .kext, .bundle, and .plugin files. 1. Place files on desktop. 2. Run KextBeast installer 3. Select the destination folder: /Library/Extensions /System/Library/Extensions 4. Reboot Version 2.0.2
  2. aolivere

    [Solved] New Installation Problems (i7 7700 and H270 chipset)

    Hi everybody, I´m trying to build my first custom mac, but I have more than one problem. I’ve been able to install Mac OS X 10.12.5, but when I try to install MultiBeast the problems appear. To boot the custom mac, at the UEFI boot I have to enable USB Ownership and disable the graphics...
  3. andres_r_ortiz

    Computer won't boot after KextBeast install

    I tried to install a diamond video port which had me install some other stupid kexts which gave my computer a hard time booting up. I botted up in safe mode because it was the only way to do it. I downloaded and installed KextBeast thinking that would fix my problems and it made it worse...