kext editing

  1. GeneralCuster

    I2C trackpad support with VoodooI2C

    Over the last few months, I've been working on getting my laptop to work with macOS Sierra. The last thing left on the list is to make the trackpad work, as having to use an external mouse as the only way of interacting with the pointer has grown very frustrating. The laptop is a Lenovo Yoga...
  2. EV.forever

    Black Screen with iMac 17,1 Despite All Fixes

    Hi all, This is my first hackintosh, although I've been building custom PCs for some time. I'm very glad to be a part of this great community and I look forward to contributing; I'll be posting a full build log in the near future. Onto the question. I am vexed by a single, persistent issue...
  3. alexxandrus

    Kext modification -> Grafic Problems

    Hi, I just tried to hack the kext AppleIntelFrambufferCapri.kext so I could have the 3440x1440 resolution on my new LG 34UC97 (I have a Macbook Air 2012 13" Intel HD 4000) the problem is that after modifying the kext now my graphics are all messed up, there is no recognition of external screen...
  4. buckets1210

    Kernel Panic- Troubleshooting

    Good Morning... This is my first post so I hope I can provide enough information. Just installed OSX Mountain Lion on a: ASUS P8 Z77-V LX motherboard Intel i5 3570K CPU I am having problems with Kernel panic after trying to boot up. The computer will boot easily if I boot ignoring Caches, but...
  5. Juggernaut1987

    Mountain Lion Graphics Cards for the Red Team

    In my search of finding components I have found a lot of Nvidia cards but what choice is there for the Ati fans that want to use Mountain Lion without hassle? In other words, are there any last generation Ati cards available that dont require kext editing under mountain lion?