1. s20nny

    Mojave 10.14.6 Update Causes Boot Loop..

    Hi I had 2 partitions on my SSD, both with identical 10.14.0 installs (one was a backup). I updated one of them with the Mojave 10.14.6 updater and now it KPs(assumption) and boot loops.. The other partition still works fine, which surely means the EFI is fine and my BIOS is all good too. Is...
  2. lukinha33

    Error installing any version of mac os

    Hi, when installing any mac version this error happens my bios is legacy sorry for my inglish eu sou brasileiro :(
  3. Cottoncandy98

    Kernel panic when using Display Port

    My new monitor Benq PD2700Q (1440p 60Hz) arrived today and I hoped that it would work together with the Dell P2417H (1080p 60Hz). But the display port doesn't work at all. When I plug the cable in, the computer turns black instantly and restarts. My laptop is GL62m 7REX with Nvidia GPU...
  4. Briccoenjoy

    [Solved] kernel panic help

    Hello, I've done some resource on the web but can't find a solution to my kernel panic problem. I am able to boot from USB. I am trying to boot from MAC HD, the kernel panic error happened after installing multibeast configuration. i post some pictures of the error hope that someone can help...
  5. ericemery

    kernel panic

    Sometimes when I restart my machine I get this kernel panic....then I have to turn off the computer manually and wait 10-15 mins then try again to see if it will work. Any idea what this could be from?
  6. Jacopopiazza

    MACH REBOOT - 10.13 install stuck

    config pc: MOBO: GIGABYTE Z270 HD3P CPU: I7-7700K RAM: 16GB 3000MHZ CORSAIR GPU: INTEL HD630 SSD: WD 250GB I'm trying to install macos High Sierra 10.13 on this computer, but the installation stuck on attempting system restart...MACH Reboot. check in the photos. my efi folder is...
  7. derEmil

    [Answered] How do I delete a kext properly?

    As I have some problems with my network kext, I want to delete it properly. So is it only deleting the kext from Library>Extensions or are there some other steps included? Thank you, Emil from Munich
  8. dammii96

    Kernel Panic in Desktop after booting

    Hey guys! Kinda of a weird problem. My build works perfectly fine but every time I turn it on I get a kernel panic once the pc is booting. After a few tries (like 5-6) it eventually boots without problems and after that it works perfectly fine so I just don't turn it off lol. Any clues of what...
  9. rocket321

    Kernel panic when i try to boot into mac os

    I wanted to install mac os on my computer, but when i try to boot from the usb, i get a kernel panic. I tried the maxmem=4096, and NoGraphics command, and checked bios settings, everything was configured right. My specs: Video card: Nvidia GTX 750 Ti Memory: 8 gb Cpu: Intel Core i5-4590...
  10. JingleDjango

    Kernel Panics While Away from Computer

    Lately, I keep coming back to my workstation having rebooted while I'm away for an extended period due to kernel panics. During regular use, the machine is stable. I don't think it's due to issues with deep sleep, but I'm also not sure how to interpret the cash reports. My workstation was built...
  11. Mohicanspap

    Kernel Panic after Nvidia Driver Installation

    [RESOLVED] I've been successfully running Yosemite 10.10.5 on Chimera/Chameleon for over a year now. Bought a 980 Ti and decided to finally upgrade to Clover boot loader. I installed Nvidia Web drivers with no hassle or errors and now I get a kernel panic. I also tried making a new boot key...
  12. matt-young

    First Hackintosh - Kernel Panic as El Cpitan Installation loads.

    This is my first hackintosh so please excuse my lack of knowledge! lol System Specs Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-H81M CPU - Intel Celeron G1840 Haswell RAM - 8GB DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaws HDD - WD 1TB 7200 RPM PSU - Thermaltake TR2 I'm using Unibeast 6.1 with Clover. I can begin to boot from...
  13. Edian

    Random Kernel panic type 14=page fault HELP!!?

    Hi People on this forum, I installed the newest version of El Capitan(10.11.3) with Unibeast and Clover. Everything works very well. I also have installed the alternative Nvidia web drivers for my GTX970. But.. Sometimes i'm encountering a problem. Sometimes I randomly get kernel panics when...
  14. dcduarte

    Kernel Panic

    Hello everyone. I am having this kernel panic and I wanted to know what is causing this. Thanks :) Anonymous UUID: 4979E545-64F7-7366-BC0F-E08A9A48EDFF Fri Sep 11 13:59:41 2015 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff800034387b): "thread_invoke: preemption_level 1, possible...
  15. littlecheese04

    First hackintosh, Snow Leopard installed, Yosemite failing.

    This is my first legitimate hackintosh build and so far most things have gone smoothly. I chose the start from scratch option with the 10.6.3 install disk + iBoot. Installed perfectly (I have a Dell Inspiron 530 (Mid 2007) with integrated graphics.) Applied to combo update, hoping the system...
  16. xxdjsentinelxx

    First Hackintosh - Kernel Panic While Installing OSX Yosemite! Please Help!

    Hey Guys, First time hackintosher here, I have a 2009 Macbook Pro i'm using that I can use to install the OSX to the drive. I just received my build I specified the parts through cyberpowerpc for my system and I'm having issues trying to install OSX Yosemite to the new hackintosh build. I'm...
  17. headsh0t95

    0xdeadbeef kernel panics

    Gigabyte Z97-HD3 on Yosemite: 0xdeadbeef kernel panics Hi all, I'm trying to put Yosemite on my brand new pc, alongside Windows 7 which is already installed. PC Specs: MoBo: Gigabyte Z97-HD3 CPU: Intel core i5 4690 (NOT overclocked) RAM: Ballistix Sport 8GB (2x4GB DDR3 1600) GPU: Club3D Radeon...
  18. AlphaLeak

    Tecra M11 - Couple of problems

    Hiya ^^ Pardon for my 'noobiness' on hackintoshes etc, but I do not have much time to go deep into looking after everything in it. I have a tecra m11 laptop with the following specs: CPU - Intel 520m GPU- NVS 2100m (It has a wifi and a bluetooth adapter which is not compatible with mac os...
  19. henkjanes

    how to remove a SleepEnabler kext??

    Hello guys, The last day's I'm trying to get osx lion running on a quite old pc: cpu: e8400 motherboard: p5kpl-am i had almost everything working, only a driver for the internal graphics was missing and the hackintosh didn't want to go in sleep mode.... to get sleepmode running i found this...
  20. DJprins

    Sometimes Kernel Panic

    I got a very strange problem.. sometimes when i start my hackintosh (chimera boot loader), i get a kernel panic (not always). After restarting my PC, it just boots normally :eh:. What can i do?