kernel panics

  1. aveda

    Graphics Glitches and App Crashes

    I recently began having issues with my hackintosh. It has been working 100% prior to last week. Attached are 3 screenshots of the image glitches I am getting in both Chrome and Firefox (Safari has issues even launching now.) When the desktop loads all of my login items crash. I've removed them...
  2. daminal

    Kernel Panics, Freezes and Audio, Oh my!

    Hi All, and thanks in advance for your help. I've had my Hack up for about 18 months and things have been mostly good. Lately, I've developed some weirdness that's just confounding me. I've spent hours trolling through the boards looking for solutions and I may be more confused now than before...
  3. Syze

    Mavericks Kernel Panics

    Hi, I've had my Hackintosh for a couple of weeks. I didn't build it, I bought it. It is the one on the right here: I'm plagued with kernel panics. The system will just freeze randomly although it doesn't display the kernel panic screen. When I restart...
  4. tommyhollander

    Original Apple Mac Pro killed during Hackintosh process Kernal panics, HELP!

    I have a big problem, as I now have 2 computers that don't work. In the process of trying to make a Hackintosh of my PC, I killed my current Mac Pro (early 2008) By accident I opened (I think) a mac_kernel file on my Mac Pro . It seemed that the kernel of my Mac Pro was patched. I am really a...
  5. shenaniganmod10

    B75M-D3H- Post Boot-Up+Login- Kernel Panic!

    Hi, Working on another Hackintosh project for a friend, and am facing some bizarre issues. The computer will boot up fine, and I am able to log in- just about everything will load up without issues, and then within about 5 minutes the computer will freeze up for a few seconds and then just...
  6. plank24

    Kernel panics!!!!! Help!!!'m

    Help! I had my whole hackintosh working on my acer aspire s3. Deleted my windows 7 partition so only mac osx. I was playing around with the kext for the wifi since it doesn't work. I ended up deleting the kext IO80211Family.kext and my computer went to hell. Nothing wroking no boot commands work...
  7. ksood


    the title says it all so this is my story z77x-ud5h 6870 2600k 16gb ram 120gb ssd 500gb hd 1.5tb hd i build a hackintosh i dont get my gpu tell a little later on so i use the integrated graphics nothing would work but eventually i got most stuff working, i get my 6870, nothing would...