kernel panic

  1. Travis-PotatoMan

    TP-Link WDN4800 Kernel Panic when installed HELP

    I recently built a Hackintosh that worked perfectly, but didn't have any wifi capabilities. I bought a WDN4800 PCI wireless adapter because many forums claimed it worked without any problems. I ran into a problem though. When I boot with the card not in the system, it works great but obviously...
  2. Troajn

    Kernel Panic After AppleHDA Patch

    Hey guys, I've been attempting to patch AppleHDA for the past few days to get my nonexistant audio on my Dell Inspiron 13 5378 to work but to no avail. I have used the AppleHDA Patcher and, after installing the dummyHDA.kext and the codeccommander.kext to my s/l/e , I am getting a kernel panic...
  3. wymillerlinux

    Row of Pluses on Installation

    Hello tonymacx86, moderators, and the fourm, If I'm posting in the wrong section of the forum, feel free to move me, mods. :) I've run into quite the dilemma. Before you point me to ammulder's posts, I've tried many options to run the installer, the one's that I could find anyway; the...
  4. vcattoir

    Kernel Panic with AppleIGB.kext

    Hello I have had a working hackintosh on sierra for over 6 months and was really pleased with it. Everything was fine and working until I had to connect through ethernet instead of wifi. It worked a charm for a few hours then complete shutoff, had to try with wifi again and computer would shut...
  5. Lisa26

    Kernel Panic After Using Automatic Cleanup

    Hi, I would appreciate some help to fix a kernel panic after I used Automatic Cleanup from Clean My Mac. Safe Boot is not working :/
  6. damainio

    [solved] help! acer aspire v15 has kp on boot

    so i've followed this thread to create my install usb: and i've also looked at this thread for good measure (but it's a bit different than mine i since have the Acer Aspire v15 Nitro...
  7. fandelost

    [Intel HD530] No graphics acceleration in Sierra 10.12.5

    Hi everyone! I've been following dodvip123's Dell Inspiron 15 7559 guide since it seems the closest to my system (in signature) plus Going Bald's MultiBooting UEFI guide, and I got Sierra + Win10 on the same SSD with Clover UEFI. So far the only issue I couldn't fix myself is that I can only...
  8. digitalformula

    Asus Z270F + Samsung 950 EVO M.2 NVME - Kernel Panic - Help?

    Hi all, I'm going through the Hackintosh/TonyMacx86 thing for the first time but I can't get my system to get past kernel panic during boot. My configuration is almost identical to the original poster of this thread...
  9. GreenT

    Trouble with installation

    Hi, I'm trying to follow the guides here, and also here because I'm using a series 200 motherboard + Kaby Lake. I got all the way through installation of Sierra. Then I ran MultiBeast, followed the recommendations, and attempted to reboot. Now, kernel panics. I've tried adjusting parameters at...
  10. refur

    Kernel panic randomly

    Hello. Have panic 3-4 times per day on LoL/HoTS or Photoshop. Asrock Z97 Anniversary 4770k 16gb G Skill (also tested with 16Gb kingston and 8 Gb radeon, all memory tested and works fine with win10) Nvidia Gtx 750 Ti 2Gb kingston ssd and WD HDD(works fine with previous install on Yosemite) Also...
  11. golfdude84

    Xeon e3-1270 V3 kernel panic.

    This is my third hackintosh. I have had an easy time with the previous two but I didn't want to see this gem of a cpu go to waste (xeon 1270-v3) 1150 socket. So I found an ecs h81h3-m4 motherboard which recognizes the cpu and will boot the windows installer. But each time I try to load the...
  12. thobhanifreddy

    Kernel Panic Mac OS Sierra

    I am trying to install Mac OS Sierra on a my Dell Inspiron 5559. The boot process from Clover stops at with the following screen. System Details: Processor : Intel Core i5-6200(Skylake) Graphics : Intel HD Graphics 520 + AMD Radeon R5 M335
  13. xJPN

    Kernel Panic On Installation

    Hello all, I am attempting my first Hackintosh build on OS X Sierra (10.12.4). While doing so I seemed to have ran into a brick wall. I cant even get the initial setup going to install OS X. It gives a kernel panic every single time. I've tried everything I could think to do to try and fix...
  14. AirFlow

    [Solved] Updated bios and got kernel panic

    Hello! I don't know why, buy today I decided to update my bios on Asus b150m-c motherboard. That was very stupid and bad idea :( I had a perfectly working hackintosh, Macos sierra 10.2.4 with clover bootloader, all was good until... I've downloaded newer version of bios from asus website, put...
  15. FilmZero

    Can't get past logo Gigabyte X-58 Yosemite

    I was in the proces of updating to El Capitann, never had any issues before. This time, the kernel can not be found in my USB boot drive. During the process, I somehow affected my current setup and am currently locked out of my machine. It gets as far as the logo, and hangs up in a kernel...
  16. bherritt

    Having Trouble Installing Mavericks

    This is my first time building a hackintosh and I'm having a little trouble installing mavericks. I've read others posts with similar issues and made a similar post a few days ago. So far everything suggested hasn't been working. I've tried various different boot flags and I've tried both...
  17. partitionx86

    Kernel panic after Multibest [help needed]

    So everything went well untill I need to install extra stuff with Multibeast. My motherboard is using those stuff realtek 8111h lan, audio: realtek alc887, intel hd 530, I found them on the list and nothing. Now, even my macOS Sierra won't boot ( the bar stays still). Can someone help me? This...
  18. partitionx86

    Getting this Kernel Panic for unknown reasons to me on macOS Sierra

    So like why is this happening to me? Like sorry guys but I am noob at those stuff, and if someone can be so kind and tell me what's wrong? I made my bootable usb with my friend's computer. She owns imac (looks pretty new, dunno which year) and we did it with terminal because the unibeast method...
  19. bherritt

    Can't Install Mavericks

    This is my first time building a hackintosh and I'm having a little trouble installing mavericks. I've tried various boot flags and I keep ending up with a kernel panic. I've checked out other posts with people running into similar problems, but nothing suggested has worked for me. Gigabyte...
  20. kerimbaran91

    HP Pavilion DV6 2130eg Kernel Panic please help

    Prozessor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz, 2267 MHz, 2 Kern(e), 4 logische(r) Prozessor(en) BIOS-Version/-Datum Hewlett-Packard F.1C, 17.05.2010 Adapterbeschreibung NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M Name IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Name NVIDIA High Definition Audio Produkttyp...