kernel cpu

  1. xdsgn

    kernel_task high CPU

    Hi! i know there is a lot of threads about this problem all over the web, but i'm a heavy user since the first hackintosh has been made possible, and i have already got this fix with the iMac****.plist several times before. This time, i'm struggling with it! Every time i have a power loss on...
  2. ammutable

    [SOLVED] Cannot boot 10.13

    Hi, Since I've updated to high sierra I've problems of any some kind. For some time I could boot the system, everything worked ok, with the exception of sound and sleep. Now I'm back to point 0. I can't boot. TO be honest I don't know what was changed since then, the only thing I've done...
  3. z553993920

    [Solved] About the damn kernel_task lagging my Sierra.

    My Sierra works perfectly if I constantly use it. After leaving it there for one minute or so, I am back to use it again. It works fine for a few sec, but then it began to lag(super lag but still working). Around 20sec later, it automatically fixed the lag. To find out the reason, I launched...
  4. nelsklinik

    [Solved] Kernel Panic cpu caller 0xffffff8004139336)

    Hello A newbie of Hackintosh needs help... When I want to install macOS from USB, I select in clover install macOS. Then the apple logo appears but no loading bar and a white text tells panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff8004139336): "zone_init: kmem_suballoc...