kernal panic

  1. thenoobtube

    1st time booter. Kernal panic installing SL using disk

    IMG_2315 by thenoobtube posted Jul 27, 2016 at 5:19 PM I'm trying for the first time to set up a hackintosh. I'm using an acer aspire e1-572 laptop I had extra, I'm running legacy BIOS and this kernel panic came up while using the boot " PCIRootUID=1 GraphicEnabler=no -x" I couldn't figure out...
  2. BDubs

    [SOLVED] OSx 10.11 Kernel Panic before boot installation

    Hi all, I just built my first computer and am hoping to get it set up as dual boot between OSx and Windows. I already have windows running. My goal is to get the base system installed right now, as my GPU is a GTX1070 which to my knowledge there ar no drivers for. The plan is to have the...
  3. LiteGaming

    Kernal Panic Issue 10.12 Can't reach installer

    Today I see the Public Beta so I wiped my (Can't mention my close beta) drive and attempted to install the public beta. After I follow Tony's guild I ended up with kernal panics ??? I have put the NullCPUManagment.kext into Others and the FakeSMC, Ethernet and I boot into the drive and went...
  4. Stvnrich

    El Capitan Only Boots -x Safe Mode

    My system is: Gigabyte: Z170X-UD5 Intel i7 EVGA GeForce GTX 950 1TB seagate SATA Install of El Capitan went fine. When I tried to update to graphics card EVGA GeForce GTX 950 all went to hell. After trial & error I can boot into safe mode. I am new at this. When I use Clover boot...
  5. cameronstewart131

    TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 Kernal panic on boot

    I just got this new wifi card, the TL-WDN4800, for my mackintosh running Yosemite. Everything is from the November build guide of 2014. When the card is installed, the clover splash boots slower than usual and then after I chose the disk I want, kernel panic. I was told this works out of the...
  6. jadecity

    Hack randomly freezes

    Hi, my hackintosh randomly completely freezes up, no mouse movement, nothing. can be doing pretty much anything, but happens most when i use logic pro x. i have updated my system def, this stopped freezes on boot. but not random ones, updated logic, to newest version this didnt work. changed...
  7. ege4

    Yosemite [10.10] won't boot with GTX 760

    So i've recently tried getting my hackintosh running again to yosemite. in the past, mountain lion worked perfectly with my asrock z77 extreme4 in which i'd install the kexts i needed and the right stuff from multibeast then the nvidia web drivers then reboot by putting my graphics card in. that...
  8. patelshyam99

    HELP!!! apple logo with black text stuck

    after installing mac osx yosemite drivers through multibeast i got this error :crazy::crazy::crazy:. please help as i am new to hackintosh and need as much help as i can get. I followed these drivers and motherboard options except wake up on LAN as i could not find it...
  9. haza9595

    Kernal Panic - HELP!

    Hi guys, Every night since I've installed yosemite my hackintosh crashes and i wake up in the morning with it sitting on the boot menu. attached is the error report from the most recent crash, Im hoping someone out there will be able to decipher this and help me inpreventing future crashes...
  10. skinnystick22

    USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): ABCDEF2010439419 0x927 0x4 0x0, 2

    Updated to Yosemite and now I get stuck at this during boot. I cant figure out how to get past it. Please help. Doing a clean install is the very last thing I want to do. Please help. When first installing, there was no problem what-so-ever, no boot flags needed. now booting up, there seems to...
  11. emiellr

    Kernal panic

    Hi, I recently removed windows 7 and installed osx mountain lion with the intructions provided bij tonymacx86. but when i boot i get prompted to reboot the system. and when i boot in verbose mode i see a kernal panic. btw im writing this on my system in "safe boot". can anyone help me?
  12. eadie1888

    appleIntelCPUPowerManagement(217.92.1) on intel nuc osx 10.9.5

    hi accidentally update to 10.9.5 and now suddenly getting a kernel panic and cannot boot into osx any help
  13. elliotdavies

    HELP Intel i5 2500k, GeForce 9500 GT, Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3p

    Hello guys, So I've just upgraded a hackintosh a friend built me from lion to mavericks. After successfully installing mavericks and using multi beast it now won't boot. I have used the DSDT and this mac was working previously before. I'm getting the "apple intel cpu power management kernel...
  14. Raibbl

    Frustrated! Kernel panic !

    I Have been trying to hackintosh my PC FOR WEEKS! I used mavericks and unibeast 4.02 SPECS: H87n wifi I5 4670 8gb crucial ballistic sport 1tb wd blue 120 v300 Kingston I tried at first but I got flickering sometimes white screen and sometimes...
  15. HackInBuild

    "a freed zone element has been modified: expected 0xdeadbeefdeadbeef but found 0

    I just build my first hackintosh and everything was going great until I got this strange error message while at the apple screen on boot up. Most of the first line is in the title, but here is some other information I think might be helpful: System uptime in nanoseconds: 9507200668 panic cpu 1...
  16. returnofthe

    CUDA Kernel Panic (Intel i7 4770K Gigabyte GTX 770 4GB 32GB RAM Haswell Build)

    Help Please! CUDA Kernel Panic (Intel i7 4770K Gigabyte GTX 770 4GB 32GB RAM Haswell Build) Hi I have a new Hack Mac build: Core i7-4770K Gigabyte H87-D3H GeForce GTX 770 (4GB) 32 GB of Ram So I had the system up and running and working perfectly. I use my Mac for video editing and Colour...
  17. someperson

    Still need help with a kernal panic. Please help

    Hi all, I still need help with a kernal panic that pops up on my machine, EVEN WITH MY RECOVERY USB DRIVE. My hackintosh remains disabled and I need help. Because I'm too lazy to retype everything, here is my original post...
  18. rem2beast

    Mavericks not installing! Need help!

    Specs: Asrock extreme4 Z87 motherboard gigabyte 770 i5 8gb ram 1600 When I am trying to install mavericks the apple logo flashes and then my pc reboots. This is the last thing I see before it crashes. Any help would be appreciated because I need to return my new hard drive if this doesn't work...
  19. someperson

    Hackintosh Not Booting Properly No Matter What I Do. HELP!

    Hi all, My hackintosh has not been booting properly for the past two weeks. I have tried using my recovery USB drive, as well as booting in safe and verbose modes with no success. Below are pictures of the kernal panics I have received First off is what happens when I turn my computer on...
  20. jamesbartell

    4530s boot errors after update

    I carelessly accepted a system update this afternoon on my previously well running 4530s Mountain Lion machine. From what I recall the install included an iTunes update, improvements for remote desktop, a java update and 1-2 other enhancements. I've attached a screenshot of what I am now...