kernal panic

  1. hexman

    Clover shows this KP while OC with same quirks boots normally in Monterey 12.6

    I tried many things to solve this problem but no luck Can't perform Kext scan : no kext summary I prefer using clover more than open core, I already have open core working with Monterey but I want to switch back to clover
  2. Duonic

    Errors while booting to Big Sur in my machine.

    I'm trying to install MacOS on my machine CPU - Intel Core i5-10400f GPU - GT 710 Motherboard - Gigabyte H410M S2 V2 RAM 16gb DDR4 2666MHz And it comes up with this error: I don't know how to resolve this, but I suspect it has to do something with the MacOS recovery/installer i created as it...
  3. Seifer

    Window server Crash RX6800XT

    Hello All, I am very new to Hackintosh. I have just finished my first build and have successfully loaded Big Sur.....I am now getting a window server crash that shows my boot args as the issue....I think. This is my first build and I am on a steep learning curve, any and all help would be...
  4. shafin

    Kernel panic after installation

    Already installed. I can boot into installer disk/recovery but can't boot into OS(catalina). Using Opencore to boot but whatever I change on config.plist always the same. Help me please. Hardware: cpu: i3-4130 gpu: Intel hd 4400 Motherboard: H91M-xt Plus I've added log and config.plist for help.
  5. christopherlewis

    Getting Kernel panic!!

    I am installing Hackeintosh on my laptop and I am facing this error please help me out!! Laptop spec's:- Dell latitude 3510 Core I3 10110U 10th gen processors Intel UHD graphic 8 GB ram 120 GB SSD 1TB HDD ------------------------ I was following the opencore guide but couldn't fing the...
  6. laranz

    [OpenCore] Succesfully Installed Big Sur, but audio not works with alcid, creates Kernal Panic.

    Successfully Installed Big Sur except the audio when I add alcid=15 ( 15 is the right id, it works with me on Catalina with Clover ) it creates kernal panic. Computer: HP 600 G1, Graphics card: GT710 2GB, SSD 250GB EVO, 16GB RAM. I attached you my EFI folder.
  7. rishi44

    Hackintosh periodically restarting crash report attached

    Hello, My hackintosh is periodically restarting, I have a feeling it is overheating. Can you please let me know the reason why my computer could be restarting? The error report is attached below. Thanks
  8. EatenSniper

    Dell Precision T7500 - Mojave Attempt Install (Kernel Panics)

    Hi, Here's a Dell Precision T7500 and I can't boot it at all into the vanilla Unibeast Mojave installation USB stick, I have used many different boot parameters and binary patches but to no avail and I have disabled the VT-D Intel virtualisation option in the BIOS utility but still to no avail...
  9. MduMtshali

    "Fatal error occurred" kernel panic; NVME?

    Hello hello, I've been a part of the community for a while now and normally find pretty good success browsing the forums but I unfortunately can't seem to jump this hurdle. I keep having the same kernel panic about 5 to 10 minutes booting into the system. Has anyone had any luck fixing this...
  10. ahmermughal

    Kernal Panic Airport.BrcmNIC Please help

    My Laptop Specs are: Yoga 710 14-ISK Intel i5 6200U 8gb DDR4 M.2 SATA 256. Intel 3165NGW (Wifi +Bluetooth) My laptop keeps crashing after installing Mojave. The error is as following. I dont expect the wifi to work as my wifi card isnt supported. I just want to boot into the MacOS. How can i...
  11. AlexGrozX

    << Solved >> Guys HELP. Restore EFI partition dual boot windows.

    Hello I broke my system. I have an EFI backup. But I cannot load in to Mac OS. When I connect my USB boot drive it causes a kernel panic and I can't even boot in to (clover boot loader). I can boot only to my Windows 10 (dual boot). I use (Mac Drive 10) to access my Mac OS drives. But how can i...
  12. mukhtards

    Bluetooth disconnect issue

    Hello guys, i followed the latest guide you made for installing macOs Mojave. now i'm experience kernal panics and the Bluetooth mouse keeps disconnecting, i'm using a Bluetooth dongle to make it work. i used OS-X-BrcmPatchRAM but without any luck to make it work. here is a debug file done with...
  13. L0rdLogan

    [Solved] Updated to Clover v2.4k r4658 EFI - Now get Kernal panic on boot? Worked on R4556 iirc

    Hello There I am currently running MacOS 10.13.5, hoping to update to 10.13.6, I updated Clover and my kexts to the latest version in prep for this. But after updating, I cannot boot. I have the following in my Drivers64UEFI folder ApfsDriverLoader ApfsDriverLoader-64 AppleImageCodec-64...
  14. B14NK

    Kernal Panic with Legacy

    So I got this kernal panic as shown in the picture. I used unibeast to make the installer and am using an Optiplex 755 with an E8400, a Quadro NVS 295, and a 320gb HDD.
  15. Kampayne

    Kernal Panic on Install - BSD process name Unknown

    I'm attempting to upgrade from macOS Sierra to macOS High Sierra using Unibeast. I created the bootable Unibeast USB flash drive, but when attempting to boot from it (using Clover bootloader with the verbose flag), it hangs on boot and I receive this error: BSD process name corresponding to...
  16. sammybee

    Stable machine receives kernel panic

    Hey! So my Hackintosh has been incredibly stable the last few months but I did get hit with a kernel panic yesterday and was just curious what might have been the cause. I've attached a shot of the last thing printed to the screen (apologies for cutting off the top line). I hadn't actually...
  17. this is the 1st pic of 2 pics on single boot

    this is the 1st pic of 2 pics on single boot

    this is the 1st pic of 2 pics on single boot
  18. this came from another different boot up after the first 2 pictures

    this came from another different boot up after the first 2 pictures

    this came from another different boot up after the first 2 pictures
  19. Marcoosio

    [Solved] Clover boot loader boots great sometimes and sometimes doesnt el capitan

    I successfully got El Capitan and windows to dual boot but El Cap will have a kernel panic sometimes on boot and I am trying to figure out what is causing it. My build is running amazing with sound and support just like any macintosh! this kernal panic is just annoying to have happen ,any help...
  20. ryansandlin

    Kernal Panic After 10.13.3 Update

    So I just downloaded the latest sierra update (title says 10.13.3 but that was wrong) thinking it would be no different than any other update, just a quick restart with only needing to update nvidia drivers. However, after restarting, my hackintosh goes into a kernal panic and tries to reboot...