kerel panic

  1. faizanafz

    Volume Hash Mismatch Error on macOS Monetery

    I'm running macOS Monetery 12.3.1 (the latest version) on my Thinkpad T440p Laptop. macOS runs fine but i keep getting this error: Volume Hash Mismatch Hash mismatch detected on volume disk1s5. macOS should be reinstalled on this volume. > Screenshot I have already fresh installed macOS but...
  2. Pale

    Help with Clover Bootloader

    I need Help installing High Sierra (with NVIDIA web drivers) or Mojave/Catalina with iGPU, i have a lot of random freezes in clover bootloader, NVRAM problems and random Kernel Panics... at this point I don't know if it is my board or it is me that makes error... I have followed a lot of guides...
  3. alba2015

    [Help] Kernel Panic during boot of the installation USB (Catalina)

    Hello :), i'm new in the forum and i need help for a kernel panic that appears when i boot from the installation USB, and i can't reach the installation UI. It appears after about 30 seconds, but i don't know how to understand it (the error should be a cpu error, it seems). The version of Mac OS...
  4. JNNGL

    Kernel Panic on Startup "unable to find driver for this platform: \"iMac14,2\".../IOPlatformExpert.cpp

    Hello everyone, I had a panic while booting the macOS Sierra installer: ACPI Error: ... ACPI Error: ... ACPI Warning :: Fail Kernel Panic on Startup: \ "iMac14,2 \" ... / IOPlatformExpert.cpp: line 1667 I do not have any version of macOS installed. I hope that someone can help.
  5. ammutable

    Random Kernel Panics (while at sleep) after moving to a new case

    I moved my old hack into a new case. I had the most basic configuration using clover, and the system worked quite well. Since I changed the case I do have some kernel panics (once a day for the last 6 days), I notice this after some hours away from the machine. If I force into sleep I could not...
  6. chiendo97

    [solved] Lilu - Kernel panic after updating security from AppStore

    Hello guys. When I got Kernel panic, I have to boot in safe mode, rebuild cache and I can boot normally ONLY AFTER FEW TIME then panic has come again. After few tests and wandering around other topics, I find out Lilu is the reason. But after I tried update Lilu to newest version (1.2.3) and...
  7. this is the 2nd pic of 2 pics on single boot

    this is the 2nd pic of 2 pics on single boot

    this is the 2nd pic of 2 pics on single boot
  8. cemotyz09

    [Solved] Gigabyte z170mx Gaming 5 + HS 10.13.1

    I've had a macOS install since Yosemite but when I updated from 10.13 to 10.13.1 I haven't been able to boot. Had no issues as far as I remember but this was 4 months ago and have only tried getting back to it. my clover folder is included, I've tried unibeast and I still can't boot. Can anyone...
  9. ericdong886

    Spectre x360 Panic without clover USB

    Hi, my friend recently bought a new HP spectre x360 and wanted mac on it. I won't put it on my signature since its not mine. The specs are: i7 - 7500U 16GB ddr4 2400 HD 620, 4k screen Nvidia 620 512 GB Nvme SSD I successfully installed macOS 10.12.6 on the laptop, and installed clover on the...
  10. hhhooozzzyyy

    I can't boot with all cores (without cpus=1)

    All system works good on one core, but it's just one, not four)) Can someone help me with my problem All information in BugReport CPU: Intel Core-i5 2300 MacOS 10.12.4 Anonymous UUID: 03DEDB97-7DDA-68B3-115E-A8AFDDC49053 Thu Jun 1 19:02:59 2017 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 2 caller...
  11. Fluff

    Kernel Panic After Updating from Yosemite to Sierra (CPU Caller 0)

    Hi! Thanks for anyone who takes the time to read this! I decided to update my old Yosemite partition up to Sierra finally last night - Originally set this up a while ago, so sadly dont remember too much about how it was configured, etc. Took me some time to actually get the update to run...
  12. eliapplethetech

    Immediate kernel panic with Pentium and GT 720

    I have a Nvidia graphics card, but when I try to boot, it crashes. I tried a bunch of boot flags (I can't remember) and apparently it might just be Apple's Intel CPU power management. Any way to fix this?
  13. nico412

    Kernel Panic "should have 16 threads but only found 17"

    Hi I’m trying to install El Capitan on my dual cpu machine, I’ve followed Giacomoleopardo's X79 "Mostro" guide But I get a kernel panic with “should have 16 threads but only found 17” error. as soon as I launch the installer. Only difference with giacomo’s build is that I have the cpu E5-2687W...
  14. tonchitk

    Kernel Panic after rebooting PLEAS HELP ME!!

    i Guys, Me name is Tonchi and i'm from the Netherlands to be more exactly Amsterdam! And i want to build a hackingtosh to edit 4k in final cut x! So these are me parts Mobo :GIGABYTE GA-Z97-HD3 CPU :Intel® Core i5-4440, 3,1 GHz Graphics :EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB SSC GAMING ACX 2.0+ Memory...