1. KaranThakkar

    XCode 14 Simulators not booting after OCLP NVIDIA Kepler patch

    Hello Everyone Here's my configuration Intel i5 9400 Gigabyte z390 motherboard NVIDIA GT710 2GB graphic card. I'm running into one strange issue, Xcode 14 simulators and not booting up after i run OCLP NVIDIA Kepler patch, Before applying patch i have saw this simuloators working fine, I'm...
  2. ehsdeveloper

    Black screen screen on restart after installing Geforce-Kepler-patcher-V4 and OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher - Monterey

    I have installed successfully installed Monterey, post install to get graphics acceleration I have tried both Geforce-Kepler-patcher-V4 and OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher but after installing when its start on half way it shows black screen here I am attaching my EFI and config.php any solution for...
  3. Machinee

    Pascal and Kepler Card in same Hackintosh?

    So I'm basically wondering if you can run a Kepler based card along with a Pascal card. From my understanding they are injected in different ways so will I have to choose either one or can they work simultaneously? Thanks in advance.
  4. MacOrDie

    High Sierra Graphics Woes (1 year later) -- Best option for Adobe CC / Fortnite

    Dear fellow hackintoshers, I've got an Kepler NVIDIA GTX 660 and 1-year later, it doesn't look like the graphics issues are going to get fixed by either Apple or NVIDIA. I've been hanging out in El Capitan land, but software incompatibility is becoming a problem and I need to move along...
  5. jspalding

    GEFORCE 780 trouble with High Sierra

    Whenever I plug in my 780 graphics card and run HDMI through it, I get the infamous black screen (no signal to monitor). No Bios, no startup. My mobo speaker gives 5 short beeps which according to gigabyte is a cpu error. But without the graphics card, (HDMI into mono direct) everything boots up...
  6. Sexytaco

    [Fix] 10.12/10.13 Nvidia 2/3/4/5/6/7/9/10xx Series Black Screen

    Before you begin, if you're having this problem run through this check list: 1. Make sure you're computer is indeed on 2. Make sure you're using an iMac SMBIOS (Mac Pro System Definition doesn't have this problem) 3. If your card requires Web Drivers (GTX 9xx), make sure they're installed and...
  7. rakot

    Nvidia more than two displays power management issue

    Hello, i got hackintosh with 3 displays, 2 on dvi and 1 on hdmi, OSX 10.9.5, GPU Palit 660OC, Clover UEFI, installed and using nvidia web drivers. In idle HWMonitor show GPU Core 810MHz, GPU Memory 6.11GHz, on full load i got GPU Core 1.12GHz, GPU Memory 6.11GHz, so in idle my card goes nearly...
  8. tmercswims

    ASUS G75VW - Problematic GTX660M

    So after much struggle, I finally am able to get Mavericks installed on a partition of my hard drive. However, I simply cannot get it to recognize the GeForce GTX660M that is in this laptop. I've found numerous threads out there that have to do with Kepler GPUs (which this is), but the things...
  9. Boctor

    10.8.5 Crashes while gaming on Galaxy GTX 650 1GB and Sapphire Radeon HD 6570 1GB (GDDR3) cards

    I've had my hackintosh working with full QE/CI for weeks now, but for whatever reason, 3D gaming for about 12 minutes crashes (not even a :beachball:, complete system halt, cannot force-quit anything etc.) with both my Sapphire Radeon HD 6570 and my Galaxy GTX 650 cards. I also sometimes have...
  10. dix_xib

    Fresh install with GTX780 (black screen issue)

    Hi guys, Read through the forum and saw that many people indeed got this card to work with rather simple methods. However, I've hit a dead end and I'm stuck with the black screen after boot. The installation screen never appears. My system: Asus Sabertooth P67 i7 2600-K 16GB DDR3...
  11. vprocessing

    Mac pro 3.1 Kepler GTX670 4GB

    Hi to all ! First MANY MANY THX for what you are all doing ! you prevent us from spending $$$€€€€€ to have a decent gear for working in an independant way ! That's soooooo nice ! I have a little problem, and maybe my brain is off…but I can't manage having open CL with my brand new set up… I...
  12. maleorderbride

    Dual Kepler Cards in 10.8.3

    [Solved] Instant Reboot with Dual Kepler Cards in 10.8.3 I am attempting to get my fresh install of 10.8.3 with two GTX 660 Ti's up and running. It boot just fine with a single card, but instantly restarts after selecting the partition to boot from in Chameleon (2187). DSDT=No, npci=0x3000...
  13. AeroCross

    GTX 650 Ti GraphicsEnabler=off works OOB, but no Dual Screen

    Since I read that the GTX 650 Ti and other card are supported natively in Mountain Lion ( I gave that card a try, with my CustoMac Budget Build. Everything works flawlessly, except for the Dual...
  14. vasodys

    Normal boot. No login screen. HELP!

    I just installed a new ASUS GTX 670 graphics card in my hackintosh. It boots normally, but instead of taking me to the login screen, the screen refreshes and shows another apple logo. The computer shows no disk drive at all. Can anyone help me? I have Mountain Lion 10.8.2
  15. mrfish

    GTX 680 + HD3000 possible?

    Hello Everyone, I recently purchased a GTX680 for my hackintosh. Unfortunately installing the GTX680 using graphicsenabler=no breaks airplay (because then then the system doesn't load the kexts for HD3000), and that's one of the features i use the most. Is anyone aware of how to fix this...