1. Babeltosh

    Monterey OpenCore 8.3 Unstable & Random Boot

    Hi ! Managed to upgrade an old Hackintosh to Monterey by switching the GPU (Nvidia > AMD) and making a clean install with Opencore 8.3 (Z190x-UD3 / Intel I7 6700k /RX 6600)....The system (SMBIOS iMacpro 1,1) seems pretty stable when it's willing to boot...I can spend 10/15 minutes on either...
  2. Nodarkthings

    Mojave (and above?) Root user Finder issues

    Hi! I've managed to have 10.14.6 working on my Z68 mobo, using Unibeast but I can't move/copy/paste/delete files under the Root user. I generally prefer using Root user for dealing with kexts in particular, so not to mess up permissions and not to have to enter a password every 5s, and it has...
  3. vince23466

    [PROBLEM] Prohibited-sign while booting macOS Mojave.

    Hi, I have an issue with macOS Mojave. I created a bootable SD (because I haven't a physical USB) with Clover EFI Bootloader. Then I tried to assign the flag "-v" but nothing yet. How can I boot up macOS? (I have updated the video card, now is a Nvidia RTX 2080 and I have an Intel i9 9990k)
  4. psycrow

    Issues with i7-6800k + Gigabyte x99 Ultra Gaming (v1.0) + Nvidia GTX 980

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to do my very first hackintosh on this machine and so far, i've only got stuck with apple logo on boot (before install). I've tried a bunch of configurations and i'm always getting stuck at End RandomSeed+++++++++++++++++. I've also unplugged all hard drives and have...
  5. clayracing

    Dell Inspiron 13 5368 Audio Issues

    I have tried every method of trying to get the audio to work on this laptop. I cannot seem to get it to work so I am writing this post. I've tried applealc and lilu, codec commander, and more and have no luck. Thanks, Clayton
  6. Antomac88

    [SOLVED] Issues re-install High Sierra

    I do not understand anymore if I'm tired or what ...:crazy: • In the BIOS I set USB verbatim as the primary boot • I inserted the USB key with the High Sierra installer 1. in the clover screen if I select USB I have an infinity black screen 2. if before I get to clover I press F9 to open the...
  7. inclined

    Issues booting El Capitan

    I know it is an old OS, but I'm working with an '09 macbook pro and attempting to complete a Hackintosh and do not have immediate access to a more current OS. I have made a boot flash drive with El Capitan that seems to function as I have used it on a hard drive and an SSD without issue but I...
  8. Alex76677667

    Acer V3-572 - Installation Issues with Clover config

    Hi there, I've tried many times in the past to install MacOS on previous machines and have never been able to get to the installation screen of mac. I have followed various laptop guides and I haven't gotten anywhere. Clover will either reboot or crash with various issues. I have wiped my mac os...
  9. pcolajack123

    Graphical Issues - Video

    Just installed High Sierra, having some graphical issues with like scrolling and things. Here is the video - Not sure what to do. Intel i5 6400 ASUS - Prime Z270-A
  10. Applepcbuilderyass

    Stuck on Apple logo screen need help

    Build: Cpu: i3-4130 Motherboard: msi h81m-p33 Graphics card: gt 1030 Ram: Samsung 4gb ddr3 1600mhz 2tb barracuda drive hdd So my friend got the installer working he even tried it on his computer before giving it to me and it worked on his so I set my motherboard presets exactly but for a...
  11. fudgee5932

    Graphics Issues

    Hello, I recently built a new PC and yesterday installed OSX high sierra. It boots up and displays on only one out 3 monitors, it also is at a much lower resolution than the monitors 1920x1080. I then went and grabbed the Nvidia web driver for high sierra and installed than but whenever i...
  12. DanielFoster

    Help Please, Mac OS is Installed but There are Problems

    Hi, I have to the best of my ability attempted to successfully install Mac OS Sierra onto my custom built computer and it seemed to go well at first however I am relatively inexperienced and I am probably in over my head but this is something I would very much like to learn and get right so I am...
  13. SilverCyberX2

    Issues Installing MacOS Sierra on Lenovo Ideapad Y700

    So basically when I boot from my Unibeast created drive with MacOS Sierra 10.12 Clover comes up and when I select the USB, Apple logo in black background shows up and behind it a kernel panic with all these text saying System uptime is nanoseconds with the value and then laptop restarts itself...
  14. packopunch11

    Wired Apple Keyboard Doesn't Work

    Hello, First Post! I installed macOS Sierra on my PC, but my wired Apple Keyboard Doesn't work, I tested all the USB ports with my wired Apple Mouse and it works, except my keyboard, The keyboard will only work during the Clover Bootloader but once inside the macOS installer it doesn't...
  15. baberose

    THUNDERBOLT 3 to 2 issues with OS X Sierra 10.12.4 Build

    Hello community, This is my first post and first hackintosh build. I'm looking for some advice and help with my thunderbolt situation. This is a Custo Mac used for music production and needs the thunderbolt working for Universal Audio Apollo 8 interface and external SSD drive Bay by...
  16. Bradley04268

    Graphical Issues

    Does anyone know what is causing this and how I can fix it? All of my small icons in Safari, Finder, Xcode and anywhere else are all messed up. Xcode is also giving me a siezure.
  17. emiliaanoldz

    [SOLVED] kernel panic at installation 0xffffff8008b3e596

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting here. I hope some of you guys can help me with the issue I'm having when I try to install macOS Sierra. I've been following so many guides but I can't figure out what's the problem. Here is my hardware. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H81M-H (Socket 1150) CPU...
  18. Jj7897

    Hack Pro, made out of a server.

    Hello internet, I recently came into contact with an IBM x3400 M2 with dual Quad-Core Xeons and 24gb RAM. I decided to make it a hackintosh, but there are some issues. The onboard graphics don't work, and it needs a graphics card, also, the onboard nik does not work. The machine has 24gb ram...

    Is anyone else experiencing issues since upgrading?

    Hey everyone! This is more or less a sanity check. Has anyone else been having more frequent freezing or kernel panics after they've done a direct upgrade from El Capitan to Sierra on their Hackintosh? And I mean random crashes, like when you're watching a video or doing something that El...
  20. daikez

    Graphics issues gtx 950 yosemite

    hi guys, i build a hackintosh because do graphic design, i was working with the intel hd 4600 before bought a gtx950 and all going great but, after i install my gtx 950 with the lastest Nvidia web drivers the program Adobe Illustrator crashes some times i don´t know why, it suppose that whit the...