1. NewbieEditor

    Buying advice : IPS screen for video editing for less than 300eur

    Dear editors on Tonymacx, What screens are you working with ? What would you advise me to buy for less than 300eur ? I´m looking for an IPS screen for less than 300 eur (or 2 screens for less than 300 eur each), that doesn´t hurt the eyes too much when working for long hours. I´m looking for the...
  2. derMaggus

    [solved] Black Screen with QHD+ IPS Notebook

    Hi @all, i'am the unlucky one at this time. I bought an Asus UX305FA with QHD+ IPS Display. I got nearly everything working expect the Display. The UX305FA has an Core M-5Y10c Prozessor with Intel HD 5300, 8GB RAM The Display Resolution is 3200x1800 Pixel My BIOS VRAM ist set to 128MB For...
  3. tr4nqui1i7y

    Will this build suffice for editing large photographs?

    I'm looking into making a powerful build to edit ~50Mb raw files. I have compiled a list of parts that I think will work nicely. This is my first time with this. So if anything needs changing, or you can recommend any changes, it would be a great help! I'll mainly be using...
  4. morta71

    Any IPS monitor recomendation

    I'm thinking of changing my old monitor, and I'm considering the possibility of purchasing an IPS monitor, after reading a lot, I'm a mess and I'm evaluating some as: LG Flatron IPS231P-BN LG-BN IPS235P with a resolution of 1080 for good vision. What would you recommend me with a...