1. mchang90

    Need Help Checking Hardware Compatibility

    I'm trying to follow the CustoMac Budget ATX build, but I have changed the RAM and PSU because there are cheaper alternatives at my local Fry's. I will be using this computer for iOS development, so I'll have to eventually update to Mojave for Xcode. I know that I should get an AMD card for...
  2. mahmoud2018

    Xcode on hackintosh...Can I run and debug my app on a real iphone device

    Hello guys , I have recently installed Mac os high sierra on my dell machine and then installed xcode to create iphone apps . I heard that using hackintosh and xcode you can only use the emulator to see , debug and test you APP while development and you can't connect a physical iphone using the...
  3. igorkulman

    iOS 11 simulator really slow

    I am running macOS 10.12.6 and I upgraded XCode 8.3.3 to XCode 9, which included new iOS11 simulators. But the simulators run really slow, much slower than the old ones. Some of them, like the iPhone X simulator are basically unusable. I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem. Maybe...
  4. firstnamelastname

    Can a Hackintosh be used to develop iOS apps?

    Hoping for a Mac mini upgrade, didn't see it, started kicking tires on a plan b. Can a Hackintosh be used to develop iOS apps? Can swift be run? Thx
  5. fmff3

    Xcode lags, slow during debug - Sierra

    Hi, Installed Sierra on my new hackintosh build (i7, GeForce 7500, 32GB, SSD, Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 5), almost everything running well except for Xcode 8 while running a macOS app and paused in debug mode. Very laggy when switching between Xcode panes and the system starts acting very slow...
  6. specialfred

    Adobe Creative Cloud updates

    I was wondering if anyone out there has specific experience with Adobe Creative Cloud and a hacked iOS I am a noob and want to make sure that if I build, I will be able to continually update Premiere, Photoshop etc as I do now. Thank you!
  7. ambitzgi

    Cannot update iPad and iPhone: Error 11

    I wanted to update my new iPhone 7 to 10.1 via iTunes (iTunes, MacOSX 10.11.6). After iTunes had finished extracting the new firmware, iTunes told me that an unexpected error (11) occurred. My iPhone stayed on iOS 10.0.2. I did all the tricks I could find in the internet (e.g. new...
  8. arashmaghbouleh

    Hackintosh Can Only Airdrop To Other Macs, Hackintosh to IOS is Not Supported

    Hello, I am new to the hackintosh world so please pardon me if I'm sounding dumb. I've been trying very hard to airdrop to my iPhone 6 from my hackintosh but I've found no luck. On my MBP laptop, when I click search for older macs, that laptop is discovered on my hackintosh. Once I send a file...
  9. RaulBustosLV

    Building doubts (about hardware)

    Hey guys! I'll try to specific my doubts (cuz I'm spanic and not completly good in english) I'm buying mys stuff to build my "Hackintosh" but I was looking the buyer's guide and it says just a few DDRs are allowed (crucial brand) I don't know if I can use other brands like Hyperx, then I'm...
  10. zvaleria

    iPhone Simulator - what is wrong?

    iPhone Simulator or iPhone? I am learning how to develop iOS apps and have successfully run basic ones with my OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. But when i try to run any iOS app using a WebView, the simulator gets very slow, then shows a black screen and quits the app. My PC overview: Processor 2.2 GHz...
  11. eros23

    Asus K550JD-xx003h

    Hello my friends, I want to install Yosemite in this laptop. My setup is: Mainboard: Asus X550JD (Notebook Model K550JD-xx003h) Processor: Intel I7-4710HQ @ 2.50Ghz Chipset: Intel Haswell HM86 LAN: RTL8168/8111 Gigabit WiFi: BCM43142 SSD: SAMSUNG SSD 840 EVO 500GB Video: Intel HD...
  12. hayonj

    Install Mac OSX for Pentium 4 (Single Core)

    Hi there ... These are my specs : Processor Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Memory 512.0 MB / 4.0 GB (max) Hard Drive 40.0 GB - 7200.0 rpm Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Optical Drive CD-ROM - IDE Graphics Processor Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Dynamic Video Memory Technology...
  13. adkap2

    Iphone wont connect to itunes on hackintosh

    Hi my hackintosh has been working pretty good accept for this one thing with Itunes. So when i plug in any IOS device into my computer it charges but it wont show up in itunes. ive tried all the usb ports on my computer nothing has worked, I'm Stumped :think: I know it isnt the devices Because...