1. aylamrin

    [HELP]: Need ioreg dump of MacBook Pro 15,4

    I am trying to write/rewrite some SSDTs. I am also trying to mimic the MacBook Pro 15,4 model. Could someone please share the IOReg dump of this model. If possible, if ACPI tables are also available then also available then it is even better. If MacBook Pro 15,4 is not available, then for the...
  2. gitboy

    Edit IOReg entry

    Hi, I'm relatively new in the Hackintosh, so I wish to not be an idiot when asking this, but I have to modify an entry of IOReg, and I can not make it. I tried with IORegistryExplorer and IOJones and the result is always the same. How I can do it?
  3. vivavideri

    Miscellaneous Audio Questions

    Before I go digging madly into the forums, I had a few questions. Some may be a little broad but I also have some troubleshooting to do and wanted to learn WHY it happens as well as HOW to fix it. The more recent updates and solutions seem to be buried far into older posts. I'll gladly assist in...
  4. conradolpz

    IT'S COMING - HD 530 fix by PikerAlpha

    I don't know wether it can be useful or not.. but I extracted it from a MacBook Pro 13,1, the only one available in the Apple Store, here in Barcelona. Is it possible to extract some info from it, or learn something from it? UPDATE: It seems like user PikerAlpha managed to understand more...