1. falconauge

    Bluetooth missing

    Hello, As I was tired of using a USB wifi dongle but unwilling to spend lots of money I ordered an DW1820a. Wifi worked oob but I did the advised device-properties "registration" anyways. But this is where my problem start. I installed the kexts for BT and rebooted but in system information it...
  2. davstrom

    My Hackintosh works! Only two tiny issues...

    ...which kinda fall under, a difference that makes no difference is no difference. But I thought I would ask. First, my hardware. Motherboard: Asus Z97M-PLUS. CPU: Intel Core I7. 4 cores. Onboard Intel HD graphics 4600. 16 gb ram. Everything seems to be working: graphics, audio, ethernet...
  3. aylamrin

    [HELP]: Need ioreg dump of MacBook Pro 15,4

    I am trying to write/rewrite some SSDTs. I am also trying to mimic the MacBook Pro 15,4 model. Could someone please share the IOReg dump of this model. If possible, if ACPI tables are also available then also available then it is even better. If MacBook Pro 15,4 is not available, then for the...
  4. vincnt

    Sierra wakes up instantly when put to sleep

    Hi I can't seem to fix the sleep-wake issue of my hackintosh. Everytime I put it to sleep it wakes up 1 second later. I found out about the terminal command to figure out what wakes up the machine, with me it says "XDCI XHC". I already searched the forum and tried a multitude of things...
  5. gitboy

    Edit IOReg entry

    Hi, I'm relatively new in the Hackintosh, so I wish to not be an idiot when asking this, but I have to modify an entry of IOReg, and I can not make it. I tried with IORegistryExplorer and IOJones and the result is always the same. How I can do it?
  6. cowcowpod

    [HELP] MacBook10,1 Recommended USBX power values

    I followed Rehabman's guide (, and it injects successfully - however I'd rather not use the MacBook7,1 values (as it is a completely different machine?), and I cannot find a MacBook10,1 IOReg dump...
  7. bkendig

    USB3: So near, yet so far - hard drive is seen but not mounted

    I have a Gigabyte GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 that has Etron EJ168 chips for USB 3.0. I have my model identifier set to iMac12,2 ... which was the last iMac that did not have USB 3 ports. I'd prefer to stick with iMac12,2 because that Mac's architecture matches this PC (Sandy Bridge), and iMessage works...
  8. doctorhackintosh

    Post your GTX 750 Ti NVCAP / IOREG

    Toleda and the other experts working with tonymacx86 are trying to help us, by analysing why the GTX 750 Ti is working for some people and not for many others. In order to be able to analyse and help figure out a solution (which they strongly feel is the NVCAP) to get our GTX 750 Tis working on...
  9. vicious123

    No Audio Output, Menu Bar Not Loading, and Apps Crashing - Please Help!

    Hey guys! I posted a similar thread in the audio section because I figured that my audio drivers were causing the issue, but toleda says they are working properly. I'm completely stumped at the moment and don't know if I'm having kernel panics or conflicting kexts. I'm hooked up to a Samsung...
  10. DanN7


    Hi there.. Who is using AR9485? Can I have the fresh DSDT, patched DSDT and the fresh IOReg? Thanks
  11. lockers90

    I'm getting the iMac 27" customised on monday... Suggestion?

    Hi Guys so after 3 years of playing with hackintosh builds i've finally took the plunge and pre-erdered the iMac late 2012 27". before any one asks. i am willing to provide any ioreg or other dumps to admins only! i do however want to to know what the must have accessories are for this...