1. uniqe15

    Bluetooth on USB works only after plugging it after boot

    Morning everyone, after updating to Catalina I noticed that my bluetooth on USB (iogear GBU521) has stopped working after boot, in order to make it work I have to unplug it before boot, and plug it in after login otherwise it's not recognized. Has anyone seen such problems or knows how to...
  2. JamesLIAO

    Need advice on buying bluetooth USB Dongle, IOGear 521?

    Hi, there. My laptop has a mini-pcie wifi that can be driven by High Sierra automatically. I need a bluetooth to use Airdrop. I found that some bluetooth device cannot support Airdrop but they can work well with bluetooth keyboard or mouse . Can anyone with IOGear 521 tell me does...
  3. Stijn485

    BCM20702A0 IOGear dongle not working

    Hello fellow hackers :D, About 3 days ago I installed Mac OS X High Sierra after a couple of troubles that now are resolved. I installed my software on a Samsung M.2 Ssd 500g, added an IOGear bluetooth dongle which didn't work OOB. I installed the USBInjectAll.kext by rehabman and also the...
  4. Nyak

    IOGear Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter [BCM20702A0] Not Working in High Sierra

    I previously tried installing a patched IOBluetoothFamily.kext which resulted in a kernel panic. Having solved that and updated to High Sierra for compatibility, how do I go about setting this up? The Buyer's Guide indicated this adapter would work out of box, is this indicative of another...
  5. domtech

    Clover + Bluetooth

    Hi to all you Hackintoshers! I recently got a bluetooth mouse and keyboard for my hackintosh along with a bluetooth dongle ( I cannot change bios settings or change boot drive in clover... is there anyway I can? I believe this bluetooth...
  6. lucasloud

    IO Gear Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle not working in Sierra

    Hi there! Can't seem to get the IO Gear Bluetooth 4.0 dongle working in Sierra. Looks like my Hack thinks Bluetooth is working OK, it's showing it's "on" but I can't see any devices. Tried a USB 2.0 and 3.0 port. Restarting, etc. Running a 6700K on a Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI. What should I do...
  7. khora02

    Bluetooth Help!!

    Hi guys, Just received my IOGEAR GBU521W6 Bluetooth adapter. I can't seem to get it working. Can someone help me out on this please. Specs: Mobo - Gigabyte H81m-S2H CPU - Intel i5 4460 GPU - Radeon R9 280 Also running on Yosemite OS. Thanks
  8. miquedique

    z97x-ud3h + yosemite + bluetooth + magic mouse = ****up

    Have two bluetooth usb keys (brodacom's IOGEAR GBU521 and a CSR chipped dogle) and I have tried just about anything, usb2, usb3, hub. Wireless keyboard works without problem, but when I connect the magic mouse it lags, stutters and freezes the system... should I go back to Mavericks or...
  9. feelexit

    cannot get IOGear bluetooth 4.0 GBU521 working in mavericks

    I have mac osx 10.9.2 installed. everything works except bluetooth. I plug GBU521 into one of the USB 2.0 port. its recognized as one of the USB device, not bluetooth. what do i need to do to fix it?
  10. Mac_Daddy2012

    Bluetooth Not Showing in system settings

    I'm using the buyer's guide recommended GBU521 from IO Gear. I plug in my bluetooth dongle to my GA Z87m-D3H hackintosh on 10.9.1. The dongle does not show up in system report nor does bluetooth show up in system settings. The dongle does function properly on my 10.9 Asrock Z77 Extreme4M...
  11. MikkoLapiz

    IOGear Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter. Not working in Chamaleon.

    Hello. I bought this bluetooth a month ago, I have the Magic Trackpad and the Bluetooth Keyboard, they work great on OS X but I can't use them on Chamaelon, so I am unable to choose between HDD's. It's very frustrating. Is there a way to make them work in Chamaleon? My motherboard is...
  12. kjb0419

    Bluetooth Range Issues!!!! Please help!

    Alright, so after finally getting my new hackintosh all setup and ready to go I decided I wanted to get an Apple Bluetooth Trackpad to use with my HTPC Hackintosh. I can get it to connect no problem, but for some reason I can't use it more than 2 feet away! I'm using an Iogear Bluetooth 4.0...
  13. jtflick042

    Bluetooth not working on new Hackintosh build (IOGear GBU521)

    Hello all! I'm fairly new to the hackintosh world and am hoping you all can help me with a problem I'm having with my bluetooth. First, here are the system specs: - Intel Core i5-3570K ( - Gigabyte...
  14. theshiv

    New Apple Magic Mouse - lots of stuttering

    Hi all, Since I built my Hack a couple of years ago I've been using a Microsoft mouse with a USB dongle. A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to grabbing an Apple Magic Mouse to pair with my IOGEAR bluetooth 4.0 dongle (as recommended on this site). For the most part it works, but it...
  15. simonnarai

    IOGear Bluetooth / kext Issue

    Hi all, Just built my first Hack based on the CustoMac Pro the other week, and it's 99% awesome so far (after a few days of tinkering and breaking and re-fixing it :P) Specs: Mobo: GA-Z77X-UP5-TH CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K Graphics: GeForce GTX 670 SSD: SanDisk Extreme SATA 6Gb/s 240GB SSD RAM...