1. Merobieboy

    IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState

    When I boot my hackintosh (for the first time), I get this error. This is happening AFTER installation, the installation itself went fine without any problems.
  2. F22Hack

    H270M-ITX/ac Sierra Install Fail

    After creating the mac os on the hard drive...but when booting into the os I get IOConsoleUsers:gi0ScreenLockState3,hs0,bs0,now0,sm0x0 cpu: i5-6600k gpu: rx 560(disable) igpu: intel 530
  3. rcboosted

    [Solved] Lenovo M700 Tiny install issue

    I have a Lenovo M700 Tiny with specs in my signature. I tried to install Sierra on it, but I ran into some issues. I followed the Sierra guide here: With some help from this thread here...
  4. osxfan23

    HD 530 stuck after IOConsoleUsers gIOScreenLockState

    I installed Sierra using Unibeast on my PC with intel core i7 6700k, asus z170 pro gaming, tp link n900 and as a gpu i want to use my hd graphics 530. For the post installation i used multibeast and installed the clover boot loader and the hd 5xx driver on my hard drive. Now when booting it...
  5. hutchy71

    Sierra 10.12.6 on MoBo Asus Z170 Pro Gameing with MSI Radeon RX 470

    Hi folks, I am not able to install Sierra on the above mentioned PC. Copied Sierra with Unibeast on USB-Stick and added Lilu.kext 1.1.6 and Whatevergreen.kext 1.0 to Clover/EFI/kexts/Other folder. With these BIOS-Settings I am able to boot the USB-Stick: Advanced Items System Agent (SA)...
  6. Ritchie007

    [Solved] Stuck at IOConsoleUsers on a GA-H170N-WIFI *URGENT*

    Hi Everyone, I had the dreaded Infinite Loop of the latest Security update on El Capitan, so after reading for a while here, I Tar'ed all the system drive to an external drive and proceeded to install Sierra.6 (latest), since some had success with it. Now I'm stuck at IOConsoleUsers like...
  7. sebas033

    10.12.6 update from 10.12.3 failed

    Hello, I have an issue, this is my first update (from 10.12.3). I've only done a time machine backup. I'm running a hack with the 17,1 system defined. I installed the update via combo, and i'm stuck on the apple loading screen (approx 75% of loading), even on safe mode I certainly missed...
  8. CraigLeather

    [Solved] Sierra 10.12.5 Not Booting

    hi, built myself a custo MacPro ... All items used from the buying section. I did Change around a few items, for what i wanted(Price wasnt really an issue) MoBo - Gigabyte GA Z170X-UD3 Intel I7 6700k Crucial Ballistix SportLT 16GB EVGA 650w PSU Sandisk Ultra 2 ssd 480gb Corsair 110i CPU...
  9. Cleptomaniacs

    Sierra Stucks

    Hi, i'm pretty new here and this is only my second Hackintosh i build. With my own one there wasn't any issue with UniBeast and MultiBeast. But now i need to install one from my friend. He has the following Hardware. Gigabyte GA Z-170X - Ultra Gaming i7 7700 32GB Kingston Hyper X RAM There is...
  10. MihaiBarbu

    Scheduled shutdown issue

    Hello, I've made a scheduled shutdown. It shut down, but when I try to access Sierra again, it shuts down during boot. In verbose mode i get this error (see attached): Any help? Bear in mind I'm a nub.
  11. 31Diego

    Computer shuts down while booting Sierra

    Hi, hope you guys can help. I paid for someone to install Hackintosh and he succeeded on booting Sierra with the Nvdia web drivers and all was working ok for one day. Today, after powering the computer on, I can see the apple logo and it starts booting but half way the screen goes black and it...
  12. SSmongere

    Help! Issues Getting Sierra Running on GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK

    This is the first time that I have tried to make a mac on PC build so I am a noob to this type of installation. I have a GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK mother board with 2 (4 gig) sticks of Geil Evo Potenza memory (currently running one), and I am using the onboard graphic just to get it up and running and to...
  13. ftabeats

    Can't boot without nv_disable=0 please help

    I understand this is a common thread, but ive tried everything from the NVRAM thing with Clover to removing wifi kexts (i think). i have tried countless threads but still no luck. I used to have El Capitan on my hackintosh no problem but i switched back to windows 7 for school. I want to go back...
  14. Piero2411

    Hackintosh don't start

    Hi, last week i have reset my hackintosh because i have update it for error and when i have reboot, it do not start and stay on a black screen with apple logo and upload bar. I have reset the BIOS and the SSD and i have make a new installatio with mac os sierra 10.12.5 but now i have the same...
  15. seivadf

    [Solved] Updated via the App Store to 10.12.5 can not boot past the apple loader

    So I successfully installed OSX 10.12.4 and updated via app store to 10.12.5. However, I now can not boot past the apple loader.
  16. deeepscare

    Problem with HD 530 stuck at gIOScreenLockState 3, hs0 ..

    Hello guys! I installed Sierra 10.12.5 on my hacki and up to the point where I have to restart after making selections in Multibeast everything worked out. So I have a Intel i5 6500 and a Asus H170 Pro, and chose UEFI Boot, Realtek Lan & Audio accroding to the Buyers Guide and Graphics HD5xx...
  17. panik69

    [Solved] Machine will not complete boot after 10.12.5 update.

    As the title says. Looked through this post Tried various things - putting kext files into different places still no boot
  18. Tito-h2

    [Solved] Can't Install Sierra on my new PC - Help Please!

    Hi Everybody! Sorry if my English sounds strange, but I live in Brazil. :thumbup: I am trying install the sierra on a: Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 with Core i7-6700K, Corsair H60 (Water), Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (16GB), EVGA GeForce GTX 950 SC 02G-P4-1958-KR, Seagate Barracuda 1TB (4x), Corsair...
  19. dalton313

    [Solved] "Failed to initialize graphics firmware" after atempted upgrade to Sierra from El Capitan

    Hello, First off i apologize if ive entered this post into the wrong thread. I recently began putting together a El captain machine, and after getting El Cap up and running i attempted to upgrade to Sierra and managed to get the installer to run and to bot to the upgrade partition on the...
  20. abod.h95

    [Solved] Boot only available from USB

    Hi Yesterday i install macOS Sierra following this (except the part of Graphics card because i'm using the on board) Every thing looks great except i cannot boot without USB drive and in...