1. fadis96

    [Solved] Broadcom Wifi Bluetooth card sleep issue

    Hi all, Solution: The usb injectors I have created using rehabmans guide was correct but it was being overridden by injectallusb.kext, because my bluetooth card was plugged into port HS14 which is supposed to show up at internal or 255, instead it was showing up as usb 3 (0x03), so I opened...
  2. charliekp

    Laptop stuck at IOBluetooth connected to transport

    Hi guys, I've just successfully got my desktop hackintosh working 100% and am really pleased with it. It's opened up a lot of opportunities with software relating to my line of work. So I'm now attempting to get Yosemite on my laptop. I started by just creating a unibeast usb with laptop...
  3. MannySavo

    Can't boot in to Yosemite with R9 270x graphics card

    Hi I am having a frustrating issue I am running Yosemite on a hackintosh running an i5 4690k, asrock fatality h97 motherboard, Kingston v300 ssd, tp link wierlesscard and a r9 270x graphics card. I am able to run everything perfect when using the integrated intel graphics. But when I try...
  4. avrahqedivra

    Yosemite Kernel Panic IOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport without -x

    Hi there, after the crash of my harddisk, I decided to reinstall with Yosemite... My computer Asus Rampage 2, GeForce 285, i7 920, 12GB, used to run on 10.8.5 very nicely for years... Icould not even reach the install without -x flags. After install, installing kexts with Multibeast...
  5. Jinjaninja1

    Mavericks Stuck at iOBluetoothController

    Hey Guys, I've had my hackintosh for over a year now and sadly today I ran in to a problem which I wasn't able to fix. My PC is stuck at the screen you see in the picture and I've tried everything out there. This happened since I tried to do a clean install of 10.9.4. From what I've read I've...