1. albertodlh

    Mavericks Audio Interruptions - GA-H87N-WIFI - ALC892

    Hello. I recently installed Mavericks on a brand new Haswell setup (GA-H87N-WIFI, i3-4330), and everything seems to be working correctly except for the audio. I have audio output, but I'm getting unexplainable random "hiccups" in which the audio stops for half a second. 1. I installed ALC892...
  2. ThesIMson

    Sound Interruptions - OS X Mavericks ALC898, Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H

    Hello everyone. Two days ago I've successfully managed to install OS X Mavericks on my PC (you can find the details inside my profile). I exactly followed the instructions provided in the 10.9 installation guide: Created a bootable pendrive using my bud's Mac Mini - OS X Mavericks from...