1. braincreck855

    mojave system internet issue

    i installed mojave in ten system. but even if the driver is installed in a heckintosh (mojaved), the internet still doesn't work. and even in system preference --> network, ethernet does not appear. so please help me. the system specifications of the installed mojave system are given...
  2. NiikolaSlav

    Will this WiFi card work with hackintosh?

    I have a Gateway DX4870. The link to the PC is here. I’m asking this because I cannot use Ethernet due to my router being built into my cable box. My WiFi card is an Atheros AR5B22.
  3. chrisklobke

    Reinstalling failed

    Hi, I already had a running version of MacOS High Sierra on my computer and also installed a Windows partition with bootcamp. Yesterday my goal was to update to Mojave and it failed. I didn't found any bootable MacOS-System in the boot-menu afterwards just the Windows-Partitions. So I tried to...
  4. brownknee

    Ethernet suddenly stopped working after 4 years

    Hello, I've had my hackintosh up and running smoothly, with no issues whatsoever for the past 4 years. It is still running 10.10.1 because it worked for me (if it ain't broke..) I haven't had any problems with any of my current/new software or hardware until now. All of a sudden, my whole...
  5. kjdsajkn

    Internet Connection Needed - Any Fix?

    Hi, I have had some issues with the installation of Mojave but finally managed to get to the installation menu. However it won´t let me install Mojave since it needs an internet connection. As far as I can tell I have all kexts installed but my ethernet doesnt work. Is there a workaround of...
  6. estrivik

    Problem with imternet

    Hey guys! Im new to this world and I need some help. I installed High Sierra and when I use Multibeast for postinstall and reboot, I have no internet. Can I have some help? Which driver options should I use on Multibeast? I have an i7-4770k and GTX 1080 Thanks and sorry about my bad english ;(
  7. lilaundgelb

    WiFi Partial Slowdown

    I recently upgraded my internet connection from 20Mbps down/2Mbps up to 100/10. My Wifi connection is limited to 20 Mbps down but now gets 10 Mbps up. My wife's computer (an old iMac which is next to mine in our office) gets 100/10. I have tried installing lilu and AirportBrcmFixup following...
  8. 4realleb

    [FIX] Fixing the dreaded "Self-Assigned IP Address" Error

    So, after two days of really messing with things, I've managed to come up with a comprehensive set of steps that may allow anyone experiencing the "Self-Assigned IP Address" problem to overcome it. A. Kext/Driver Related Issues This can be tricky, but is your most likely cause. The most...
  9. metalb8282

    High Sierra install directly from usb without internet download

    hello. I have a trouble , I just create a bootable usb but when the install begin the install package is still download from the Apple server and not from the created usb... there is any solution to install from usb and no trough internet??? I’m sorry about my English....
  10. RyanKluff

    [Solved] High sierra NVIDIA drivers no ethernet

    Hey guys, So before and after I installed 10.13.4, my ethernet port worked perfectly and was detecting internet. However, due to some graphics issues after the update, I installed a NVIDIA graphics card (Gigabyte 1050 ti) and after that install my ethernet is not connected and gives the status...
  11. the3rdknuckles

    Ethernet issues

    So my ethernet connection doesn't work in High Sierra and my wifi card doesn't work in Windows 10 Pro.... Need some help on this one team.
  12. TheInspiredEye

    Sierra 10.12.6 Internet dropping and programs freezing

    Hey guys, So I've been running this system for a little bit now and all of a sudden the wifi keeps dropping and programs like Spotify and google chrome crash... it's very strange. Any fixes to this or known issues? Maybe I just need to do a full upgrade to High Sierra (I've been nervous to do...
  13. DiscountGaming

    Ethernet does not work on Dell OptiPlex 3010

    Hello, I have done a semi-successful install of macOS Sierra 10.12.6 on my Dell OptiPlex 3010. When I mean semi-successful, I mean I have some issues left, one of them is Networking. Networking, meaning Ethernet, does not seem to work on this machine after installing Mac OS. I've tried...
  14. grahamlittell

    Intermittent Wifi Access on 10.9.4

    Hey people, It's been a long time since I have booted my old Hackintosh up because of a network problem I had been experiencing... But I'm FINALLY trying to fix it... Right after startup, the google page will load, but then a couple minutes after it quickly loses internet connection, and no...
  15. Ozgur

    SOLVED. Gigabyte on board Ethernet kext needed for High Sierra

    Hello, I have a fresh High Sierra installed with the ethernet cable plugged in. Before I made the OS standalone with Multibeast there was internet connection, however, after booting from the hard-drive it seem to have stopped working. Strangely enough every other new boot or so the connection...
  16. midmin

    Slow Internet speeds - BCM94360CD OSXWIFI combo

    Hey guys, Is anyone experiencing slow internet speed issue with using the BCM94360CD that is part of the OSXWIFI kit? Currently running it in High Sierra- BT and WiFi connections are all working however, Speedtest is throwing a very slow download speed on average of 10Mbps. When running the...
  17. Paperclipbender

    Regular Wifi working, but not 5G

    So I've been using 5G wifi on this computer for years since I built it, but I recently updated to Sierra, then moved, and I just now noticed that it's only picking up the normal 2.4 wifi in the area and none of the 5G signals. I can see them on my phone, but none on the desktop. So it's...
  18. Blindman721

    Need Help Finding Drivers After Installing 10.6.8

    I am trying to make my first Hackintosh and have successfully downloaded Mac OS 10.6.8 using this guide: I used the "Easy Beast" option from MultiBeast I have a few problems: 1) No internet 2) No audio 3) Probably...
  19. Danneybee

    RTL 8111H only sometimes works.

    Specs CPU: Core i7 7700 Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti Mobo: Asus H170-pro macOS version: Sierra 10.13 (No Unibeast) Bootloader: Clover My issue is that my network adapter seems to only work some of the time. I booted into macOS to find my ethernet not working and stuck in some kind...
  20. leomenassun

    No sound and internet (and other fixes)

    Hello, everybody! I've succeed in installing Sierra and I've failed in installing sound and internet kexts (mainly) with Multibeast's help. Please, help me! My hardware is: Notebook Samsung NP-300E4C-AD2BR Processor: Intel Core i3 2328M (Sandy Bridge) - 2nd generation GPU: Intel HD Graphics...