1. GrizzlyBR

    << Solved >> Can't boot using iGPU

    Hi everyone! So, the time has come for an update on my lil'old Hack. I use a Nvidia GTX 1080 as my GPU, and I purchased a AMD card to replace it. Of course, I'm still running HS 10.13.6, and planning to update it to Big Sur. Now, to start with the update procedure, I changed my HDMI cable to...
  2. peluzitol

    Problem with internal laptop lcd in hackintosh dell 7570

    Hi, This is my first post, and i have a problem with my dell 7570 hackintosh. This is my specifications: - Intel® Core™ i7-8550U - Solid unit SSD 512 NVRam Toshiba - 16 GB RAM DDR4 - Intel Graphics UHD 620 - NVidia MX130 - Lcd Laptop 15,5'' touchpanel 4K I have a dual boot windows 10 and macos...
  3. DapperDuck

    Apple HDD's icons disappeared and say internal_hfs after High Sierra upgrade

    I just did a direct upgrade to HS and it messed my Clover bootmenu up. Icons for my Mac OS and Recovery partitions are gone and instead say internal_hfs. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  4. Stizzo

    Internal Hard disk not detected during Sierra installer

    Hello, i have a Dell inspiron 7559 (i7-6700hq + intel hd530) with my internal 1TB Seagate hard disk + 256 m.2 Samsung 850 evo. I've followed the guide here, but when i'm in the sierra installer, i can only see the usb pendrive. I've tried to add some kext but with no result. Actually, i've done...
  5. vahids

    What Internal wireless card should I buy?

    Buyer guide recommended TP-Link PCI Express Wifi Adapter (N) But It's unavailable in my country. My Motherboard: GA-Z170X-UD3
  6. c.pappas

    Internal HDD shows in Disk Utility but not Finder

    Hey everyone, Hoping to find a solution to this weird problem. I have a 2tb internal hdd that has worked great for about 10 days and I have read and wrote to and from it just fine. Today I turned my computer on and it acts as if its just not there. I have troubleshooted to the best of my...
  7. Serge.H

    El Capitan Clover boots from external drive, but not when internal

    When i boot El Capitan Clover from an external hard drive (put the drive in an enclosure) either from USB 2.0 or 3.0, it boots normally. But when i take the drive out of the enclosure and put it inside my laptop as an internal hard drive, it doesn't boot and shows me the stop sign I have an hp...
  8. NickOglet

    Internal SD card reader?

    Hi, I was wondering if its possible to get my internal card reader (SD slot) to work I believe it's a RealTek Semiconductor RTS5229 based on my HWiNFO report. I'm currently on 10.11.5 running smoothly with all parts working expect my SD slot. I'm not sure if this is the right section. Sorry if...
  9. GauravC

    Razer Blade 2015 Trackpad Issues.

    Hi Guys, I wanted to get el capitan working on my Razer Blade 2015. Ive done some research and what my finding are that mostly everything works expect for wifi and the trackpad. Wifi can be fixed by replacing with a different wifi card and some Kext edits which is fine. However the main...
  10. maurigug

    ProBook 6470b audio internal microphone

    Hi guys, while I thank all of you for a great guide to build my hackintosh, I succeeded in everything following that one. I followed the Unibeast-Probook Installer 6.1.13 guide. I have only a regret. Internal microphone, even if working at boot, stops working when I try to use FaceTime or I...
  11. vancaula

    Internal drive mounting as external. Clover

    [SOLVED]Internal drive mounting as external. Clover Interesting new issue for me. Reinstalled via clover yesterday and all worked exactly as planned until I booted up and realized my internal 2TB Western Digital HDD is listed as an external drive. I know it's a minor issue but it sort of...
  12. Spencer7220

    No Internal HDDs Available Inside Mac OS X El Capitan Installer

    Currently, I have OS X 10.10 installed but I want a fresh start and to update to 10.11. Whenever I boot to the installer for 10.11 via Unibeast, there are no HDDs available in Disk Utility. I tried plugging in an external hard drive and that seemed to work, but none of my HDDs show up. Also, I...
  13. refringe

    Force Internal SAS Disk

    I have two SATA disks that I've forced to be internal by using the IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext. However I also have a SAS disk (RAID controller) that I would like to force internal as well. Is there anything out there that will help with this? Using Clover v2.3k r3241.
  14. z3t0

    Internal PCIE Wifi Cad

    Hi All, How can I get my internal wifi card to work with my hackintosh? Details: Realtek 8723AE RTL8723AE I know that it works within Linux, so maybe I could create my own kext? or some sort of patch? I know that this is going to be very invested and am willing to try whatever it takes...
  15. Serge.H

    New Internal Storage HDD - Dual boot

    Hello, I have a working Yosemite hackintosh on my external drive, and Windows 8 on my internal storage on my HP pavilion dv6 laptop. But i wanted to join them both in my internal storage so i can dual boot Windows 10 later on and Yosemite (preferably El Capitan when it releases), for more...
  16. AlphaLeak

    Hackintosh internal display not working - External works perfectly fine

    Hello I need some help on getting my internal display to work. I have installed yosemite and it boots perfectly fine with full acceleration on an external display, but the internal display does not want to work. I can use the internal display till I get about 50% OSX loading up (I get...
  17. vollnull

    Internal slimline bluray burner for Silverstone FT03-mini

    Hey guys, I am starting to build my second hackintosh and this time I want to build a bluray burner inside. Since the case will be the Silverstone Fortress Mini, it has to be a slimline drive. Does anyone have an advice, if any slimline drive will work out of the box in the mean of: it's...
  18. Masi51952

    Only Safe Boot in Mavericks

    My Notebook Notebookname Schenker XMG P502 Pro Mainboard Clevo P150EM Graphics Intel HD4000 GTX680M Processor i7 3720QM RAM 16 GB I only once got the screen on my Notebook. But on that time I just tried it. So I had to back up my data on the drive. On my TV I get mostly the...
  19. Rytz

    NEC / Renesas USB 3.0 Controller (Laptop Internal)

    NEC / Renesas USB 3.0 Controller (Laptop Internal) [RESOLVED] Thanks to this forum (and some others), my Dell Inspiron 17R N7110 laptop has been up and running 10.8 great for a while. No critical issues. I plan on posting a guide but want to wait until I try updating to 10.8.3 and see how...
  20. acarterg

    Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 5-Port PCI Card

    Hello! I got this card (Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 5-Port PCI Card) because it is supposedly compatible with Macs and saw it used in someone's Hackintosh build but I am unable to get it working. There are no drivers because it is supposed to work out of the box with Mac OS X. I read that one person...