internal drive

  1. solOS

    Cannot see internal disks in disk utility

    I have booted the Mavericks installer, and it's fine so far. In disk utility, I can see the install drive, but nothing else. I opened terminal, and ran DISKUTIL LIST, and I got a lot more disks, but none of them were my internal drive. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  2. buddhabackpacker

    PCIe Card for SATA

    I killed my hack so I’m building a new one using an ASUS MAXIMUS XI HERO, i7 -8700, etc. But, my last Gigabyte board had SATA slots for 8 drives, which I used. This new board has room for 6 plus an SSD. Thus, I have one drive less. Are there any known compatible PCIex 4 SATA adapter...
  3. Marek89

    Internal disk visible as external

    I've opened Disk Utility and noticed that all my internal disks connected via SATA III are visible as external drives (and two of them as connected by PCI). What could be a reason for that? Disk Utility by Marek89 posted Mar 3, 2018 at 1:45 AM